15 Website Experiments for Beauty Brands

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The need for personalization combined with a spike in AI technology innovations over the last year has made for some incredible advancements in how the beauty industry approaches ecommerce strategy.

It's clear that shoppers in this category are embracing technology that enables self-education, combing through customer reviews and conducting much of their own research before making decisions. With these buying habits in mind, brands are leaning even more into technology like augmented reality (AR)for virtual try-ons and artificial intelligence (AI) for personalized website experiences to make it even easier for consumers to purchase products online with confidence.

Whether you're looking for new inspiration or simply want to stay current on what other brands in your category are up to, this ebook is full of ideas to reignite your creative spark.

7 mins

This ebook aims to surface some of the top website experiments that leaders in the beauty category are using to deeply personalize the individual experience for their customers online like:

- Rewards programs
- Product bundles
- Scarcity marketing

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