7 Proven Ecommerce Experiments that Work

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The stakes are high in ecommerce, especially for marketers. It can often be challenging to know where to start with optimizing landing pages for campaigns, juggling multiple priorities and coming up with fresh testing ideas.

That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a list of proven testing variations that have shown significant results for real customers in the ecommerce space. Whether you’re burnt out and looking for fresh inspiration or just need to know where to start, this ebook is chock full of ideas you can implement quickly. 

To access the full list of ideas and start testing these proven variations, download the ebook now!

4 mins

Here are a handful of the real-life experimentation ideas we cover in the ebook:

  • Incorporating product reviews into your campaigns
  • Experimenting with color and text variations
  • Testing different messaging based on intent
  • And more!

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