Cooking Up Success: B2B Website Personalization Recipes

Easy-to-follow website personalization recipes to deliver exceptional buyer experiences.

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The practice of tailoring strategies, content, and offers to fit the needs of individual audiences is now table stakes in marketing. In 2024 and beyond, buyers expect hyper-personalized experiences. For B2B brands with more complex buying cycles and committees, personalization strategies can become very complicated, very quickly.

Whether you’re looking to launch a B2B personalization strategy from scratch, or just looking to augment what is already in place, download Cooking Up Success: B2B Website Personalization Recipes and discover the ingredients needed for website personalization success today!

10 minutes

In this ebook, you’ll enjoy a brief overview of the state of B2B website personalization and dive into real-world recipes to make personalization work for your brand. We’ll also cover:

  • A framework for defining your website personalization goals
  • A step-by-step guide to building your personalization program
  • What adjustments to make once your strategy is live
  • Examples of different personalization tactics used by successful B2B companies