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The Marketer's Guide to Optimizing Website Conversions

How to turn more site visits into revenue through personalization

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In today's digital-forward B2B landscape, customers expect nothing less than a personalized journey that meets their complex needs. 

Inspired by practices pioneered by Amazon and Netflix, 78% of B2B buyers now expect companies to adapt their experiences to their unique preferences. Of that population, a staggering 85% of them believe that the data companies collect should translate into better customer experiences. With expectations like this, it's clear that B2B brands have two options: adapt or be left behind.

Join us in embracing the new era of B2B buying and download The Marketer’s Guide to Optimizing Website Conversions today!

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In The Marketer’s Guide to Optimizing Website Conversions, we’ve partnered with Drift to deliver a comprehensive overview of website personalization for marketers incorporating the latest trends and marketing best practices. In it, you’ll learn:

  • The Golden Rules of Personalization
  • Segmentation strategies to maximize impact 
  • How to incorporate AI into your online presence
  • And more

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