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Firmographic data

Mar 23, 2023

What Is Firmographic Data

Firmographic data is a type of data that provides information about a company's characteristics and attributes. This data is often used by B2B marketers and sales teams to identify and target the most relevant businesses for their products or services. 

What Are the Key Categories of Firmographic Data?

The key categories of firmographic data include:

  • Industry. The industry that a company operates in, such as healthcare, finance, or manufacturing.
  • Size. The number of employees or annual revenue of a company.
  • Location. The physical location of a company, including the country, state, and city.
  • Structure. The organizational structure of a company, such as whether it is publicly traded or privately held.

How Is Firmographic Data Collected?

Firmographic data is often collected through a combination of publicly available sources, such as government records and industry reports, and private sources, such as business databases. Some companies also collect firmographic data directly from their customers through surveys or other data collection methods.

What Are the Challenges of Using Firmographic Data?

There are several challenges associated with using firmographic data, including:

  • Data accuracy. Firmographic data can become outdated quickly, which can lead to inaccurate targeting and messaging.
  • Data availability. Not all firmographic data is publicly available, which can limit the scope of analysis and targeting.
  • Data integration. Integrating firmographic data with other data sources can be challenging, as different data sources may use different categorization and formatting methods.

How Can Companies Incorporate Firmographic Data into Their Marketing Strategies?

Firmographic data can be used in various ways to inform marketing strategies. Here are three examples:

  1. Account based marketing. Using firmographic data, marketers can identify specific businesses to target based on their characteristics and attributes. 
  2. Website personalization. Firmographic data can also be used to inform website strategy. By understanding the characteristics and needs of a specific audience, marketers can create highly personalized variations of their websites that speak to tailored interests and pain points. 
  3. Sales outreach. Firmographic data can be used to inform sales outreach efforts. Sales teams can use this data to identify businesses that are most likely to be interested in their products or services and tailor their messaging accordingly. 

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