This is the story of the Marketing Hero.

A Tale as Old as Your Myspace Profile Pic

Beset from all sides, our Marketing Hero faced unimaginably high monthly targets, impossible OKRs, an unsympathetic boss, and a cranky sales team.

Our Hero pondered their options. After segmenting their email campaigns, creating targeted social media ads, and fine-tuning their PPC, the only thing left to address was the website.

Now, our Hero knew that their website wasn’t great. In fact, it was bad—very, very bad. Despite the numerous ideas they had to improve the site, our Hero knew it was virtually impossible to roll them out in time to make a difference for their monthly target.

Collapsing in exhaustion (and far from hitting their target), the Hero despaired.

That is, until…

It’s like having website superpowers.

Valuable web traffic no longer needs to land on the same, one-size-fits-all website. Through machine learning, Intellimize:
Delivers the ideal version of a website to each visitor with targeted messaging and content
Converts more traffic into revenue as machine learning algorithms figure out what works best for different visitors
Sees what messages and content perform best in as little as a few hours

The Marketing Hero’s journey.

Step 1

Creativity Shines
Your team comes up with ideas for marketing messages and content and puts them in Intellimize.

Step 2

Optimization Begins
Sit back and relax while Intellimize turns your team’s ideas into thousands of page versions for different visitors.

Step 3

Conversion Soars
Within hours, Intellimize learns what content and messages work best for different visitors, serving the ideal versions of each page to each prospect who lands on your site.

You, too, can be a Marketing Hero.

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