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Extend the thank you page experience

May 06, 2021

The page that appears after a prospect submits a form is often underutilized. You can drive engagement beyond the form fills by seizing the opportunity to do more on your thank you pages. Remember, at this point, the prospect is already invested and ready to commit (if nothing else) their time.

Consider providing recommendations or other relevant options on this page.

Options might include

  • An “Add to calendar” button for events, repeat purchases, subscriptions, or delivery dates
  • A “Share” button for different social platforms
  • “I just signed up for this webinar, come join me!”
  • Recommendations based on what the prospect just signed up for
  • “You might also like ____.”
  • “Customers who attended this webinar also enjoyed our book, ___.”
  • Links to relevant content you think the prospect might be interested in
  • “In preparation for this demo, consider reading these blog posts…”
  • A chatbot for additional actions the prospect should or could take

Example: Snowflake

In this example, Snowflake’s webinar signup confirmation page includes several options for engagement:

  • Adding the event to your calendar
  • Chatbot with additional offerings
  • Virtual hands-on lab registration
  • Demo signup
  • Ebook

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