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Test different ways to reassure buyers at the cart

Jun 24, 2021

Think about how you might address any concerns prospective buyers might have when they’re on the cart page. What might hold them back from clicking Checkout? Add language to the page to address these concerns and/or pull in other reassuring content, like ratings and badges.

Ratings, badges, and social proof

Reminding the buyer that the products they’ve chosen are positively reviewed might reassure them that they’re making the right choice. Consider leveraging ratings or social proof that you displayed on other pages (like the PDPs).

Similarly, if you’ve added badges to some of your products to showcase certain attributes, be sure to carry them over to the cart page. Certain badges could be very useful in reassuring the buyer of why they added a product to their cart in the first place (e.g. on sale, award winner, best selling item, etc.) and encourage purchases.

Example of elements to carry over: Amazon

Amazon has a number of different badges that it promotes across its products. In this example, they have:

  • Amazon’s Choice badge – A label given to “highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.”
  • Climate Pledge Friendly badge – A label applied to products that meet certain sustainability standards.

Both badges could be displayed on the associated products in the cart, as well as perhaps the nearly 5-star rating.

Ratings & Social Proof
Example of badges and applied discounts in the cart: Walmart

On the cart page, any badge attached to a product carries over from the other pages. Here, Walmart highlights that the product is on clearance with the badge and also cuts the price down on the right to emphasize how much the customer will save by purchasing this item.

Walmart Badges

Secure checkout

Some customers like to be reassured that the checkout process is safe. Consider adding verbiage or secure lock icons around the checkout button and other payment options.

Example: Secretlab, secure checkout

On the cart page, Secretlab uses the word “Securely” within their Checkout CTA text and when introducing other payment options to reassure customers that the payment process is secure.

Secure Checkout

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