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CRO.CAFE Podcast: Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif talks AI in marketing, personalization, and more

Jan 25, 2020

Many marketers were introduced to the concept of personalization with rules-based personalization -- or creating "if this, then that" rules centered around specific audiences. However, an increasing number of companies are looking past rules-based strategies and shifting their focus to AI-based tools like Intellimize to scale their personalization programs.

In a recent CRO.CAFE podcast, Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif sat down with Co-Owner and Data Consultant at The Data Story, Niels Reijmer, and CRO.CAFE Podcast host, Guido Jansen, to talk about the state of personalization in marketing today and how he thinks AI will continue to shape digital marketing efforts in the future.

Throughout the podcast, Guido, Niels, and Guy discuss several topics on the minds of data-driven growth marketers, including:

  • Scaling from rules-based personalization to machine learning-based approaches
  • Strategies around personalization to create a better customer experience
  • Taking new behaviors into account during website personalization
  • How to measure the success of your personalization ideas
  • How to iterate on existing personalization ideas

Listen to the entire podcast by clicking here.