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Intellimize introduces AI-powered Account Based Marketing Experiences

Nov 15, 2023

San Francisco, CA // November 15, 2023 — Intellimize, the leading AI experience optimization platform, today announced the launch of AI-powered Account Based Marketing experiences (ABX). Intellimize’s recent feature launches alongside their ABM partner integrations, allowing marketers to easily orchestrate personalized experiences across every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey. 

“As ABM marketers, we often assume we know exactly what will make someone convert in a specific segment. We provide the right social proof, messaging, and imagery and set up a rule to funnel every visitor in that segment through that experience. But by doing that we force folks into a specific journey. The B2B buyer’s journey is far more complex and it’s different for every company and without AI capabilities, it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to get down to that 1:1 personalization at scale.” said Tracy Sestili, former CMO and now Chief Revenue Officer of Intellimize. 

With Intellimize’s new landing page builder, dynamic content, pop-up modals, and deanonymization functionality combined with proprietary AI Optimization capability, marketers are empowered to truly nail 1:1 personalization at scale with minimal effort.

SaaS brands like Greenhouse are leveraging key data integrations to understand website visitors and deliver highly personalized experiences to them based on known data about their visitor’s history.

"We use Intellimize's AI and 6sense's account data to help identify site visitors and serve them an optimized, personalized experience. It allows us to validate our messaging and tweak the content for each of our key audiences in an efficient, automated way," said Carin Van Vuuren, CMO of Greenhouse.

Additionally, brands are leveraging integrations with Demandbase to personalize pages for specific target industries, even revenue tiers, to drive better conversion rates with the most relevant content and messaging.

“We used the Intellimize integration with Demandbase to personalize pages on our website by industry and by revenue tier, and as a result we were able to boost conversions by an average of 8.4% (and for a certain industry it was a 227% boost in conversion rates!). We were also able to figure out which messages work best for which industry and which revenue tier, which is extremely valuable across all of our marketing efforts,” said Ally Vandenherik, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Coupa Software

As B2B marketers finalize 2024 plans and start to think about how to be more strategic by integrating AI into their overall marketing strategy, Intellimize delivers a codeless, cookieless, AI-powered ABM solution that easily integrates with Demandbase, 6sense, or Rollworks, to set them up for a successful year ahead.

To supercharge your ABM program and learn more about Intellimize, speak to an expert here to see it live.


Tracy Sestili, 650-504-2164,

About Intellimize

Intellimize is the only codeless SaaS platform that uses AI to optimize for 1:1 personalized website experiences across the entire buyer’s journey. Marketing teams gain a competitive edge when using Intellimize to drive efficient pipeline and revenue growth in a cookieless world. Leading marketing teams at Gong, Okta, Drift, Sumo Logic, Coupa and more trust Intellimize to inspire, test and learn faster, drive revenue, and be more efficient. Intellimize is backed by Cobalt Capital, Addition, Amplify Partners, Homebrew, and Precursor Ventures.  Learn more on the Intellimize website or follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.