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VentureBeat: Intellimize Raises $30M to Optimize Websites with AI

<a href="">Kyle Wiggers</a> shares highlights on the latest round of funding for Intellimize and speaks with Guy Yalif, CEO of Intellimize, in <a href="">this article from VentureBeat</a>.

“Our goal is to help more marketers deliver more revenue, more customers, and more leads to sales,” Yalif told <a href="">VentureBeat</a>. “We will help more conversion-obsessed marketers dynamically adjust their websites to each unique visitor’s changing behavior over time.”

“One-size-fits-all websites are the biggest squandered opportunity in all of marketing for all industries … Intelligent website optimization is essential tech to the modern marketing stack, and our investors share this sentiment,” he continued.

“[Over the past year,] we’ve been busy helping marketers create high converting websites by combining their ideas with our machine learning,” Yalif added. “We’ve become especially popular with business-to-business brands along with ecommerce. For example, we helped Snowflake generate 49% more leads with their website, while Sumo Logic accelerated decades of traditional testing and optimized across more than 1 billion versions of their site.”