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How B2B marketers can use data to drive higher conversion rates

Feb 06, 2019

B2B Marketers have reliable and easy access to 3 key types of powerful data that can help them optimize conversion rates on their websites. Using contextual, firmographic and behavioral data is key to personalizing the experience for different types of customers and different contexts.

B2B marketers have three great sources of data to personalize the experience for visitors to their website: contextual data, firmographic, and technical data, and behavioral data.

Contextual Data

There’s a lot sitting in contextual data. They can actually improve how you speak to your prospects. You might look at where your prospects are, speaking to locally relevant things. You might talk to them differently if they’re on a mobile device or on desktop, and if you know what time of day, and day of week it is where they are, you can actually speak to them in the mindset that they are in that moment. You know if it’s the middle of the afternoon in a weekday, they’re at work and are thinking in one mindset. If it’s in the morning on a weekend, their head is in a completely different place, and you can talk to them differently as a result.

Firmographic/Technographic Data

With firmographic data and technographic data, you can tailor your pitch quite a bit. If you can use reverse IP lookup and know what company you’re speaking with, you can do account-based marketing, speaking to the individual company, maybe the individual person at that company. If you know what industries a company as in, you can actually show their competitors on your website, trying to stoke those competitive juices, getting them to want to use your product more. If you can look at their website and learn different technologies they’re using, you may be able to infer something about how you want to speak to them. If you’re selling CRM software, you can see what CRM is on their site and take action on it. Finally, if you know what size of company they are, you may tailor your sales pitch entirely differently. If you’re talking to a 10,000 person company, you might point them straight out your salesforce, versus the 10 person company. You may prefer to send them straight to your self-serve product.

Behavioral Data

Behavioral data can also help you tailor the experience. You might take the first-time visitor to your website, and talk to them about your brand promise. Help them understand what category your product is in and what it does is. The repeat visitor, you might now try to drive more engagement, getting them to listen to that webinar, getting them to talk to a salesperson and accept the demo, and the repeat customer who’s coming back, you want to cross sell them, up sell them, tell them about your latest release, or even better, get them to tell another prospect about your product and service to drive more sales for you.

Our hope is that you are better able to use contextual data, firmographic, and technographic, data and behavioral data now, to drive more revenue today.

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