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12 Value Proposition B2B Website Headline Examples

If your B2B brand sells a complex and multifaceted product, it can sometimes be difficult to convey the breadth of your solution in a single phrase. Unfortunately, if you want to build a homepage that leaves an impactful first impression on prospective buyers you’ll need to do just that! 

According to copyblogger only 20% of folks make it past the headline. That means that in addition to communicating what your B2B brand does, you’ll also need to make your headline snappy enough that the 80% of visitors that don’t check out the rest of your site remember it. No pressure!

Because of this common challenge facing B2B marketers we’ve put together a list of 12 value-driven B2B website headline examples for you to draw inspiration from. Keep reading to learn what leading brands are doing to make their B2B website headlines pop!


Headline: Automate Compliance. Simplify Security.

Through the headline on their homepage security and compliance platform, Vanta, communicates exactly what prospective customers can expect to achieve with the tool. Vanta uses a simple verb-followed-by-noun structure to make its value proposition as clear and to the point as possible. It’s hard to walk away from this homepage without understanding what Vanta does.

Vanta headline

Headline: Online Billing Software Designed With Your Growth in Mind.
Billing software provider,, leverages a self-referential headline to indicate to visitors that their software is configurable and flexible. Rather than using the headline to tell visitors what they can achieve by using they let prospective buyers know that’s software was purpose-built for them. headline

Flock Freight

Headline: The Freight Shipping Experts for Any Load.

Shipping platform, Flock Freight, features a value-driven B2B headline on its homepage. They let site visitors know that they are the leading experts in the shipping industry to build trust with prospective buyers. More than that, they can handle “any load,” meaning that their services are flexible enough to handle all sorts of customer needs.

Flock Freight headline


Headline: Social Audiences Unlocked.
Sometimes it can feel like the insights you need to better understand your audience are locked away in a safe that you don’t have the key to. Social audience insights company, StatSocial, plays off of this very pain point in their homepage headline. They make it clear that with StatSocial, you’ll be able to easily get the information you need about your social audience to make better marketing decisions ASAP.

StatSocial headline


Headline: Hire For What’s Next.
Because of the ever-changing nature of recruiting, it’s vital that hiring professionals keep future market conditions top-of-mind. Applicant tracking and recruiting software provider, Greenhouse, lets site visitors know that their product can help recruiters stay ahead of the curve.

Greenhouse headlin


Headline: The Most Powerful Media API and Products
Many B2B brands choose to use superlatives in their headlines to indicate to site visitors that they are the best within their field. Media management software company, Cloudinary, does just that. They state that they have the “most powerful” products in the biz, subliminally indicating that its competitor’s offerings may not be up to snuff.

Cloudinary headline


Headline: Lead Generation for Today.
With new updates in the world of MarTech seemingly every day, it can be easy to get left behind in the dust with the technology of yesteryear. Lead generation company, Kennected, plays off the ever-changing nature of marketing and sales by letting site visitors know that their software is built “for today[‘s]” market.

Kennected headline


Headline: Compliance Data Analytics and Automation Software.
There’s something to be said for no-frills headlines that get straight to the point. Compliance data analytics and automation software, Lextegrity, employs this strategy on its homepage by telling visitors exactly what they sell in no uncertain terms.

Lextegrity headline


Headline: Power Customer-centric Interactions Between Consumers and Brands in Real-time.
As in the above example from Vanta, customer engagement platform, Braze, leverages a headline structure that tells visitors exactly what they’ll be able to do if they purchase their product. Braze’s headline conveys that their platform helps clients put customers first, seamlessly.

Braze headline


Headline: Grow Your Audience on Social and Beyond

Social media publishing tool, Buffer, uses a bit of ambiguity in its homepage headline to achieve an aspirational sentiment. In saying “and beyond” Buffer enables site visitors to imagine how the tool can help them achieve more, even outside of social media goals.

Buffer headline

NEXT Insurance

Headline: We’re 100% Dedicated To Small Business

NEXT Insurance uses its homepage headline to communicate that they are all about small businesses. Rather than providing a broad value proposition, they use the prime real estate on their homepage to focus on their biggest differentiator.

Next insurance headline


Headline: World’s Leading Experiential Rewards & Recognition Platform.

Employee recognition software company, Blueboard, aims to build trust with visitors via their headline by stating that they are the “World’s leading” platform of their kind. In using this phrase they bring legitimacy to their business and anchor their value proposition with a bold statement.

Blueboard headline

We hope these 12 examples give you the inspiration you need to start experimenting with headlines on your B2B brand's website. If you’re already using Intellimize, sign into your account now to start testing value proposition B2B headlines ASAP! And, if you’re looking for even more website inspiration from real B2B brands, download our eBook 9 B2B Website Testing Strategies That Work now!