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11 Value Proposition Ecommerce Website Headline Examples

According to copyblogger only 20% of visitors make it past the headline. Yup, that’s right, 80% of visitors will see your ecommerce website headline and then leave. With the odds like these, ecommerce marketers must write and test headlines that are not only memorable but also communicate their brands' value to prospective buyers. No pressure! 

Sometimes, when writing compelling ecommerce website headlines it can be helpful to take a look at what others in the industry are doing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 11 ecommerce website headline examples that really wowed us!

Keep reading to grab inspiration from 11 of our favorite value proposition ecommerce website headline examples. 


Headline: Meat and Seafood Done the Right Way

Meat delivery service, ButcherBox, uses its headline to let visitors know that the brand’s meat is a cut above the rest (see what we did there!?). The headline leads with the brand's mission while cleverly implying that some other brands or stores don’t do meat “the right way”— a troubling thought.

Ecommerce Website Headline Examples


Headline: One App for All Things Fitness, Wellness, & Beauty

In the below example ClassPass uses prime real estate on its homepage to let visitors know exactly what its app is for. Originally popular for its fitness offerings, ClassPass communicates to prospective subscribers that its app is also for wellness and beauty.

Ecommerce Website Headline Examples


Headline: Find Your Everyday Adventure

Running shoe company, Hoka, leverages its homepage headline to elicit action and excitement from site visitors. Through a value proposition headline, the brand implies that its shoes can enable shoppers to find adventure in their everyday life.

Ecommerce Website Headline Examples


Headline: Renew & Protect

Sunscreen and skincare brand, Supergoop, gets straight to the point with its homepage headline. Point blank: Supergoop’s newest product will renew and protect your skin—if that’s not your jam (why wouldn’t it be?) you’ve come to the wrong place.

Ecommerce Website Headline Examples


Headline: Like a Sleep Lab on Your Finger

Wearable technology brand, Oura, uses its ecommerce website headline to convey to shoppers that the brand is focused on science. In using the phrase “sleep lab,” Oura evokes imagery of scientists and doctors, helping to bring legitimacy to the brand’s offerings.

Ecommerce Website Headline Examples


Headline: Smarter Luxury Sleep

Mattress company, Saatva, cuts straight to the point with its website headline—those with Saatva mattresses are smart and appreciate luxury. When it comes to ecommerce website headlines little flattery never hurts! 

Ecommerce Website Headline Example


Headline: Start a Fitness Journey, Not a Fad

Exercise equipment company, Peloton, greets visitors with a headline that states that its fitness solutions are for the long haul, not just the first few weeks of January (when the below screenshot was taken).

Ecommerce Website Headline Example


Headline: Ready, Set, Brew

Luxury coffee maker company, Nespresso, conveys ease of use and speed through its snappy website headline. Just add a pod to your machine, and you’re off to the races!

Ecommerce Website Headline Example

Magic Spoon

Headline: High Protein Cereal That Tastes Too Good to be True.

In the below example DTC cereal brand, Magic Spoon, doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to the brand’s value proposition. Magic Spoon’s cereal is jam-packed with protein and flavor—not buts about it!

Ecommerce Website Headline Examples


Headline: Classic Since Forever

Footwear brand, Vans, lets site visitors know that if they’re in search of sneakers that never go out of style they’ve come to the right place. 

Book of the Month

Headline: Books Are Cool Again.

Book subscription service, Book of the Month, dedicates its homepage to communicating a punchy yet tongue-in-cheek statement. Books are back in style and joining this subscription service will keep you on the cutting edge of what the cool kids are reading.

Ecommerce Website Headline Examples

We hope these 11 examples give you the inspiration you need to start experimenting with headlines on your ecommerce brand's website. If you’re already using Intellimize, sign into your account now to start testing value proposition ecommerce website headlines ASAP! 

And, if you’re looking for even more website inspiration from real ecommerce brands, download our eBook 7 Proven Ecommerce Experiments that Work now!

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