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3 SaaS Website Headline Experiments

It takes about 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion about your SaaS website

With such a short amount of time to make a lasting impression, your brand must have a great homepage headline that entices visitors to stay on your site. Whether your SaaS company has a strong brand voice or is still finding a foothold in the market, you’ll need to test tons of headline variations to see what resonates with your prospective buyers.

But, let’s face it, writing SaaS headlines—especially one as prominent as the one in your homepage hero is tricky. That’s why we’ve compiled three SaaS website headline copy experiments for you to test. Equipped with real-life examples, these three ideas will give you the inspiration you need to write your next batch of SaaS homepage headlines.

Value Proposition-driven SaaS Website Headlines

According to Nielsen Norman Group sites with a clear value proposition have the potential to hold a visitor’s attention for much longer than those that do not. One great place to feature a SaaS brand’s value proposition? You guessed it—your homepage headline. By infusing your homepage headline with your brand’s value proposition you’ll be able to educate visitors about your offering as soon as they hit your site.

In the below screenshot, security and compliance platform, Vanta, communicates what prospective customers can expect to achieve with the tool in the brand’s homepage headline. Vanta uses a simple verb-followed-by-noun structure to make its value proposition as clear as possible. It’s hard to leave this homepage without understanding what Vanta does.

SaaS Website Headline

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Second-person SaaS Website Headlines

The second-person point of view directly addresses the audience using second-person pronouns like you, your, yours, yourself, and yourselves. Because the second person brings readers directly into the action, it’s no surprise that many SaaS brands leverage this point of view in their homepage headlines.

Below communication tool, Slack, uses the second-person point of view to speak directly to decision-makers. Visitors who read this headline can feel empowered to make a purchasing decision on behalf of their team.

SaaS Website Headlines

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Benefits-focused SaaS Website Headlines

As a B2B marketer, it's easy to get caught up in promoting the features of your solution. Although features can be impressive, they may not be the key selling points that resonate with your site visitors. That’s why it's essential to focus on the benefits that your product or service provides, rather than just the features.

In the example below, payroll software company Paylocity uses its homepage headline to communicate the very attractive benefit of stress reduction to site visitors.

SaaS website headlines

Want to see where else you can try out this strategy on your site? Read our blog, How B2B Brands Leverage Benefits Instead of Features to Sell More.

We hope these three SaaS website headline experiments give you the inspiration you need to start testing some fresh headline variations.

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