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3 Unique Ways Skincare Brands Can Boost Upsells

Looking to boost your skincare brand’s average order value (AOV) and other key ecommerce success metrics? Then it’s time to take an honest and critical eye to your upselling strategy.

With upsells generating 10 to 30 percent of most ecommerce revenue, they represent a huge opportunity when it comes to boosting your skincare brand’s bottom line. But how can you get started with upselling on your skincare brand’s website? And, what are movers and shakers in the skincare industry doing to maximize upsells?

To answer these questions and many more, we’ve put together a list of three unique ways skincare brands can increase upsells. Keep reading to see how leading brands like SKKN by Kim, Good Weird, and Drunk Elephant leverage creative website elements to drive upsell opportunities.

SKKN by Kim: Product Bundling

One great way to encourage visitors to add more to their carts is by offering product bundles. With this strategy, multiple products are grouped and sold as a package deal at a discounted price, encouraging visitors to spend more than they may have initially planned.

Skincare brand, SKKN by Kim, sells a face mask and application brush together as a package deal. Although these products are in different categories, they complement each other perfectly and introduce shoppers to products from different categories. Discounted bundles like these are a great way to provide value to visitors while still upselling them on additional products.

SKKN by Kim Upsell Example

For more examples like this, check out our blog 5 Beauty Brand Product Bundling Examples.

Good Weird: Subscribe and Save

Another great way to upsell customers is by encouraging them to turn their one-time purchase into a recurring subscription. Subscriptions not only enable you to guarantee a higher rate of return on customers but also forecast inventory with more accuracy.

Good Weird allows site visitors to subscribe and save 10% off their purchase. Shoppers can select how often they’d like to receive the product, giving them the flexibility to comfortably sign up for a subscription.

Good Weird Upsell Example

Drunk Elephant: Goal-oriented Product Education

From fading dark spots to zapping zits, shoppers have tons of different goals when it comes to skincare. Ensure your visitors understand exactly what your products do and how they work together by dedicating part of your site to product education.

Drunk Elephant devotes a page of its site to “smoothies” aka recommended product combinations to achieve specific goals. In doing so, visitors can learn more about Drunk Elephant’s expansive product offering and discover how the brand’s products can complement one another to achieve their specific skincare goals. Drunk Elephant’s smoothie recipes are a clever yet unobtrusive way to encourage customers to add more products to their carts.

Drunk Elephant Upsell Example

We hope these three website ideas give you the inspiration you need to revamp your skincare brand’s upselling strategies.

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