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5 Beauty Brand Product Bundling Examples

Although ecommerce beauty sales are on the rise, merely being in a growing industry isn’t enough to guarantee customers. To stay competitive in the beauty market, brands must implement fresh strategies to boost key ecommerce metrics like average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value (CLTV).

One way to do that? Product bundling.

Product bundling is an ecommerce marketing strategy in which brands group multiple products and sell them as a package deal, and is popular among beauty retailers. But, just because product bundling is a common strategy for beauty brands, doesn’t mean there’s a one-size-fits-all way to implement it. To show you the breadth of ways to leverage product bundling, we’ve compiled five product bundling examples from leading beauty brands.

Whether you’re just getting started with product bundling or you’re fine-tuning your existing strategy, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to see how brands like Farmacy, Rhode, and Tarte use product bundles to boost revenue.


Facile encourages shoppers to buy all three of its tinted lip jellies as a set by offering a modest seven-dollar discount. By giving a bundle discount on the total price, Facile makes visitors feel as though they’ve gotten a good deal even though they likely spent more than they planned.

Facile Product Bundling Example


Looking to give your visitors more choices when it comes to product bundles? Follow in Farmacy’s footsteps by offering shoppers the ability to build their own set. Farmacy allows its site visitors to mix and match which product they’d like in their bundle. And, the more they add the more they save— shoppers save 10% on two-product bundles, and 15% on four-product bundles.

In addition to driving up AOV, Farmacy’s “Build Your Own Gift” page encourages shoppers to familiarize themselves with the brand’s full suite of products, something that could lead to another purchase later on.

Farmacy Product Bundling Exaxmple


When Milk shoppers visit the product detail page (PDP) for the brand’s Hydro Grip Set + Refresh Spray, they’re met with the option to “complete the set” on the right side of the page. By recommending items that pair well with the one the shopper is already considering, Milk encourages customers to place a larger order than they may have originally planned. 

Milk Product Bundling Example


Hailey Bieber sent shockwaves across the internet when her brand, Rhode, released its viral Lip Case, a phone case designed to carry one of the brand’s Peptide Lip Treatments or Tints. When shoppers join the waitlist for the next drop of Lip Cases, they have the option to add on a compatible lip product for an additional $16— an easy upsell to anyone who is brand-loyal enough to order the case in the first place.

Rhode Product Bundling Example


When shoppers visit Tarte’s PDP for the brand’s Paradise Perfect Juicy Lip Trio, they’re met with the option to customize the bundle. Rather than offering three preset shades, visitors can select the colors that suit them best. This type of bundle works great for beauty brands that carry products in tons of different shades.

Tarte Product Bundling Example

We hope these five examples help you identify which product bundling strategies are right for your beauty brand. If you’re already using Intellimize, be sure to sign into your account now to experiment with our product bundling playbook, which can help you add product bundles to your website in just a few clicks.

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