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5 Social Proof-driven Copy Examples for Ecommerce Websites

With 93.4% of online shoppers relying on customer reviews when purchasing from a brand they’re unfamiliar with, it’s no secret that social proof is a critical part of any high-converting ecommerce website. But, your ecommerce brand’s social proof shouldn’t stop at reviews and user-generated content (UGC)! To get the most out of your social proof library you should consider infusing key copy on your site like headlines and subheadlines with compelling facts and figures.

To illustrate this website experiment recommendation, we’ve compiled five examples from real ecommerce brands of social proof-driven copy built to convert. Keep reading to see how Sunnyside, Tarte Cosmetics, MUD\WTR, Hatch, and Lovevery leverage social proof-driven language to engage website visitors.


Headline: Sunnyside is loved and trusted by thousands

Alcohol intake tracking app, Sunnyside, relies heavily on social proof to show prospective subscribers the value of the brand’s service. Sunnyside introduces its reviews with a social proof-driven headline that includes the number of happy customers the brand has.

Social Proof-driven Copy Examples

Tarte Cosmetics

Headline: As Seen On TikTok

Tarte Cosmetics has cracked the code on TikTok virality. With countless videos on the platform featuring Tarte products, the brand has more UGC than it could ever conceivably feature on its site. To play off of this, the brand welcomes site visitors with a bold headline that says “As Seen On TikTok.” 

This clever headline lets shoppers that aren’t using TikTok know that the brand is a viral favorite on the platform. And, as for shoppers that use TikTok this headline reiterates what they already know—that the brand’s product reigns supreme on the short-form video app.

Social Proof-driven Copy Examples


Subheadline: Over 25,000 5 star reviews

Adaptogenic mushroom beverage brand, MUD\WTR, uses prime real estate just below the call to action (CTA) in its homepage hero to feature social proof. As seen in the below screenshot, MUD\WTR not only includes the number of 5 star reviews the brand has received but also visually includes 5 star icons as well. With a one-two punch of copy and icons, the brand lets visitors know just how great its products are.

Social Proof-driven Copy Examples


Headline: Millions of Sound Sleepers

Similar to Sunnyside, Hatch, a brand that sells alarm clocks also uses a number to illustrate how many people use its products. For a brand like Hatch that sells an elevated version of an everyday product, this short headline is an effective way to let visitors know that its products are well worth the higher price point.

Social Proof-driven Copy Examples


Subheadline: Discover why parents say these are the “only toys you’ll need.”

Educational toy brand, Lovevery, relies heavily on social proof to convince skeptical new parents that its products are awesome. To introduce its staggering 16766 reviews, the brand includes a subheadline that features a compelling quote from a satisfied customer. Whether or not a site visitor chooses to read product reviews, once they’ve seen this headline they will be aware of the overwhelming positivity surrounding the brand’s toys.

Social Proof-driven Copy Examples

We hope these five examples give you the inspiration you need to start experimenting with social proof-driven headlines and subheadlines on your ecommerce website.

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