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Social proof

Oct 27, 2022

What is social proof

Social proof is a term coined in the late 1980’s to describe the phenomenon of consumers purchasing items to emulate those that they admire and aspire to be like. In simple terms, social proof is validation from a third party and real customers endorsing your product for you.

Types of social proof

Social proof comes in many forms but some popular types include customer reviews, celebrity or influencer endorsements, before and after photos, and industry or community awards and certifications to name a few.

Why is social proof important?

Social proof is important because it is validation from outside sources and real customers on the value of your brand or product. Social proof in all forms enhances your credibility to consumers and potential customers as a non-biased third party is reviewing your products. It’s a type of marketing that often cannot be bought, and therefore is seen as even more exclusive and valuable to marketers and brands alike.

How to generate social proof 

There are several ways to generate social proof if you’re not capturing enough of it organically. Here are a few ideas:

  • Launch a review campaign: Review campaigns are a great way to generate product reviews from real users and also develop some user-generated content in the form of unfiltered and imperfect photos of your product in real life. 
  • Set up a triggered email campaign: A great way to keep your product and a customers’ purchase top of mind is to schedule a triggered email to send to the customer after they’ve received your product and had time to use it. In the email ask them how they’re liking the product and then prompt them to leave a review for it. This will not only keep them thinking about your product but also keeps them engaged with your brand.
  • Launch an influencer or affiliate program: A bit more complex but another tried and true strategy, partner with an influencer that fits your brands’ target demographic and have them spread the word about your product. As word gets out to their audience about your product, you can expect more reviews to flow in from additional customers from their network.

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