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55 Ecommerce Holiday Homepage Examples From Real Brands

239 billion bucks. That’s how much online holiday retail sales amounted to in 2022. Woof!

With so much money up for grabs every holiday season, ecommerce brands must innovate to clinch more cash year over year. One thing brands must pay extra attention to is their websites—particularly, their homepages which serve as their digital storefronts. Whether it’s promoting seasonal products, touting an amazing Black Friday sale, or featuring a punny holiday headline, ecommerce businesses must think critically about how they structure their homepages during the holiday shopping season.

With the holiday season done and dusted, we’re showing off 55 great ecommerce holiday homepage examples from real brands from 2022 that wowed us. We’ve categorized these 55 showstopping homepages based on the primary strategy employed on the page. The 10 strategies we cover are: 

  • Bold colors and backgrounds
  • Family-focused imagery
  • Gift guide focus
  • Gifting made easy
  • Holiday discount information
  • Minimalism
  • Product or mission-focused design and copy
  • Shipping information and deals
  • Subscription sign-up information
  • Whimsy

That said, the vast majority of the entries on the list leverage multiple strategies outlined in this post. Keep reading to check out these compelling, creative, and down-right cool ecommerce holiday homepages.

Bold Colors and Backgrounds

The 11 ecommerce holiday homepage examples in this section leverage bold background colors and image choices to grab visitors' attention.

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson, a brand known for its whimsical and embellished designs brings that same aesthetic to its ecommerce holiday homepage with a bright red sparkly background.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Designer handbag company, Coach, uses a bold green background to catch visitors’ eyes. With a “15% Off” offer in bright red, plus a “Holiday Gifts” section accessible from the homepage top nav, Coach is decked out for the season.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Charitable eyewear company, Diff, leverages a bold green background in support of its “Green Monday” event. There’s no missing that visitors can save big on sunglasses when shopping on Diff’s site during the holiday season.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Frank And Oak

Clothing retailer, Frank And Oak, leverages a bright green background much like the Coach and Diff examples above. However, unlike the other two brands, Frank And Oak, uses a close-up photo of a green article of clothing to bring color and rich texture to the page.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Great Jones

Colorful kitchenware company, Great Jones, uses its bright products to bring a pop of color to its holiday homepage. Additionally, the brand lets visitors know that it has a “Flash Sale” going on in a bold, serif headline.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Razor and skincare company, Harry’s, leverages bright and colorful product photography to catch visitors’ eyes. On the left side of the screen, the brand uses the same colors seen in the product photo to visually tie the homepage together.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Louis Vuitton

Luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, features a full-page video on its holiday homepage. The striking imagery and movement of the video pair well with the simple but effective holiday headline.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


When it comes to its holiday homepage, Nike is seeing red! The shoe and sportswear company uses a bold red banner featuring a 50% off offer to grab visitors’ attention.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Sunscreen and skincare brand, Supergoop, leverages a colorful background to capture the attention of site visitors. The brand uses slightly misaligned text for its holiday headline giving the page a feeling of movement and energy.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

The Ridge

Wallet company, The Ridge, uses a dark, rugged background to display its collection of products. The brand uses a bold white headline that starkly contrasts against the black background.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Bike company, Trek, leverages conspicuous personalization on its holiday homepage. The headline is customized to the location of the site visitor—in the below example, the visitor is located in the Bay Area. The brand uses a green background to set the stage for the personalized headline.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Family-focused Imagery

These ecommerce holiday homepage examples all feature photos of friends and family together alluding to the tradition of spending time with loved ones during the winter months.


DTC bedding company, Buffy, shows an image of a diverse set of friends and family snuggling under a Buffy blanket.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

The Comfy

The Comfy, a novelty hoodie company popularized by the brand’s appearance Shark Tank takes a unique approach to the holiday season on its homepage. While the headline and subhead aren’t season-specific, the background imagery depicts family holiday fun with Christmas trees and stockings to set the scene.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Ugg, known for its sherpa-lined shoes, features a family photo where each member dons a pair of Uggs. The brand’s subhead also pays homage to the classic Christmas carol “It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.”

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Gift Guides

These brands in this section use their homepages to encourage shoppers to check out their respective gift guides.


Online clothing outfitter, Cider, uses its homepage to encourage visitors to check out a “Holiday Gift Guide.” Additionally, Cider’s homepage imagery features women in red and green clothing which puts the holiday spirit front and center.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


It’s no surprise that that snowsport gear retailer, Halfdays, takes the holiday shopping season very seriously. The brand uses its homepage to encourage visitors check out the “Halfdays Holiday Shop” which is no doubt full of great products for the winter season.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Tequila company, Patron, uses its homepage to point site visitors to a gift guide. The brand’s  “The Art of Gift Giving” headline also gives an elevated feel to its holiday homepage.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

The North Face

The North Face features a fun headline that communicates that its products make for great gifts. Additionally, the North Face leverages its homepage to point visitors to the brand’s gift guide.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Gifting Made Easy

Sometimes buying holiday presents can prove to be tricky. The brands in this section leverage their homepages to convey that shopping with them makes it easy to get loved ones the right gift.


Luxury fashion brand, Gucci, uses its homepage to let visitors know that its array of fine products make for “Memorable Holiday Gifts.” Gucci also includes two CTAs that enable visitors to easily shop for items based on gender.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Harry and David

Holiday favorite, Harry and David, features an image of a delicious-looking pear, paired with a  “Trusted Holiday Tradition” headline to encourage shoppers to make Harry and David part of their holiday tradition this year.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Le Creuset

Kitchenware brand, Le Creuset, encourages visitors to “give great” this holiday season implying that its products are in fact, great! Le Creuset also leverages imagery of a child holding one of the brand’s iconic dutch ovens with popcorn strewn about, suggesting that the item can be used to pop popcorn for a Christmas tree garland.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Hair and skincare company, Ouai, makes a bold claim that its products make awesome gifts for “literally anyone.” This tongue-in-cheek headline substantiates the brand’s voice while still communicating to shoppers that this is a great site to purchase gifts from.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Fitness tracker manufacturer, Oura, states in its headline that Oura’s  products are on “everyone’s wish list.” This unique headline conveys that the rings the company sells are a slam-dunk gift this holiday season.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Clothing company, Spanx, features its popular faux-leather leggings in seasonal shades on its ecommerce holiday homepage. Additionally, the brand lets visitors know that shopping with Spanx will make gifting easy with the headline on the right side of the page.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Holiday Discounts

The holiday season is always packed to the brim with deals—these seven brands feature their holiday sales directly on their homepages.


Phone case brand, Casely, decks out its homepage with icicles, penguins, and a seasonal discount code to boot! With a homepage like this, there is no doubt that Cyber Week is a critical observance at Casely.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Jeffree Starr Cosmetics

Jeffree Starr Cosmetics (JSC) decks out its homepage with a candy cane motif as well as a “12 Days of JSC '' promotion. Each day of the holiday-themed sale the brand reveals a new discounted product from their line and features it on the JSC homepage.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Coffee appliance manufacturer, Keurig, cuts right to the chase with its ecommerce holiday homepage. Keurig uses its main headline to let visitors know about the brand’s 25% off sale. Additionally, Keurig includes imagery of gingerbread cookies—a holiday sweet that pairs well with freshly brewed coffee.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Timepiece company, MVMT, takes a sleek approach to observing the holiday season on their homepage.  With its black and white palette, this homepage makes it easy for visitors to see just how much they’ll save by shopping with MVMT this holiday season.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Outdoor Voices

Like Jeffree Starr Cosmetics, athleisure brand, Outdoor Voices, features a “12 Days of Deals” promotion on its homepage. Additionally, Outdoor Voices includes playful product photography on the right side of the screen, showing a stack of clothes that resembles a Christmas tree.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Exercise equipment company, Peloton, lays out the nitty-gritty details of its holiday offer in its subheadline copy. 

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Vital Proteins

Leveraging the same headline as Outdoor Voices, supplement brand, Vital Proteins, uses its homepage to promote its “12 Days of Deals.” The brand pairs its copy with a product image that features Christmas ornaments and a bow.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


For these four brands, less is more during the holiday season.


Designer fashion brand, Ganni, takes a uniquely minimalist approach to its holiday homepage. Rather than redesigning the page altogether to accommodate the brand’s holiday sale, Ganni instead just lists its gift guide in its bold homepage navigation.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Athleisure company, Lululemon, takes a more laid-back approach to its ecommerce holiday homepage. Lululemon includes a playful headline “Hint: It’s on their list.” plus includes “Gifts” in their top nav.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Miu Miu

When it comes to Miu Miu’s seasonal website choices the only one that’s apparent is the homepage headline: “Gift Selection.”


Mattress brand, Purple, uses a minimalist strategy when it comes to its holiday homepage. Rather than making its homepage reflect the colors of the season, they’ve stuck to white and you guessed it— purple!

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Product or Mission-Focused

The brands in this section feature their products and/or missions heavily on their ecommerce holiday homepages.


DTC shoe company, Allbirds, leverages eye-catching imagery prominently featuring the color red on its homepage. The headline “Make It A Naturally Gifted Holiday” speaks to the natural materials Allbirds uses to craft its sneakers.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Shoe brand, Alohas, conveys its mission of sustainability through its holiday homepage headline. Additionally, Alohas uses its subhead to let visitors know that should they choose to shop the brand’s on-demand collection, they’ll receive their orders by December 24th as well as a 15% discount.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Bath & Body Works

It’s no secret that chain retailer, Bath & Body Works, takes the holiday season seriously with its countless seasonally scented products. In addition to greeting customers with messaging about holiday sales, the brand also features imagery of its seasonal candle selection.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Mission-driven cleaning product company, Blueland, features imagery of its products paired with a branded gift box to ring in the holiday cheer. Blueland also offers a straightforward headline about its holiday sale as well as a link to its “Holiday Shop” directly from the top nav on the homepage.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Vacuum, air purifier, and blow dryer manufacturer, Dyson, puts its product design front and center on its holiday homepage. Rather than positioning the Dyson Airwrap as a potential gift, the brand encourages visitors to “own [their] style” implying that shoppers should buy the device for themselves.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Ecommerce brand, Homesick, makes candles that smell like just about any scent you can think of! The brand uses its ecommerce holiday homepage to show off four of its holiday season-themed candles.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Spirits brand, Kin, turns the brand’s name into a verb in its headline, encouraging consumers “Kin the Season.” Kin also features its logo on the wrapping paper used in the product image on the left-hand side of the homepage.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Loeffler Randall

Clothing retailer, Loeffler Randall, takes a unique approach to its holiday homepage. Rather than focusing on sales or using holiday-related language, the brand focuses on its seasonal items. With its “Layer Up” headline Loeffler Randall encourages consumers to purchase warm coats and sweaters to stay warm and fashionable during the winter months.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Bath, body, skin, and hair care company, Lush, always goes above and beyond with seasonal items (including for Halloween)! In the example below, Lush uses its holiday homepage to take the opportunity to feature  “Holiday Gifts” and “Stocking Stuffers” indicating the brand has a wide range of holiday products, big and small.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Yoga mat and accessory company, Manduka, wants visitors to “give the gift of yoga.” And by gifting the “best yoga mat in the world” aka a Manduka mat, visitors can do just that!

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Automotive company, Mercedes, encourages visitors to have an “electric holiday”. In using the word “electric” Mercedes promotes its line of electric vehicles in addition to wishing visitors a happy holiday season.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Drinkware company, Stanley, shows folks drinking from the brand’s vacuum-insulated cups and tumblers in snowy weather. Stanley’s homepage headline tells visitors to “Follow The Snow,” helping to convey the outdoorsy nature of their brand.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Shipping Information and Deals

For many holiday shoppers, getting gifts in time for Christmas or Hannukah can be a source of stress. The brands in this section put shipping and the race to get gifts before the holidays front and center on their homepages.


At-home DNA testing kit company, 23andMe uses its homepage to promote its 70% off sale. Additionally, 23andMe has a countdown clock indicating how long visitors have to order to ensure they receive their package by Christmas day.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Crate & Barrel

Home goods and decor brand, Crate & Barrel, features imagery of neutral-colored Christmas ornaments on its homepage. Additionally, the brand includes a headline regarding free shipping as well as six CTAs visitors can use to access different categories of items.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


DTC makeup brand, Glossier, uses its headline and CTA to build FOMO. In the homepage headline, Glossier asks visitors a question regarding how soon they’ll need an item and follow it with a CTA that says “Tick Tock.” 

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Clothing outfitter, Shopbop, uses a bold green background like many others on this list to promote its  “Merry & Bright” sale. Shopbop also features a banner letting visitors know when they’ll need to make their purchase in order to get their gifts by Hanukkah.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Subscription Sign-up Information

Unlike many other brands on this list, the subscription services  in this section have optimized their homepage to bring in more sign-ups during the holiday season.


Subscription service, FabFitFun, uses its homepage to promote its “Holiday Cyber Sale.” The bright salmon “Get the Box” CTA encourages visitors to move through FabFitFun’s subscription sign-up process.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

Rent the Runway

Subscription commerce company, Rent the Runway, features gold tinsel and an energetic headline to encourage visitors to sign up for a membership.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


For some brands, the holiday season is a time for playful design and creative headlines.


Men’s clothing brand, Bonobos, leverages a casual handwritten font to communicate its holiday deals. In addition to its bold “25% Off” headline, the brand also includes a holiday subhead that wraps around the model on the right side of the page.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage


Outdoor performance wear company, Salomon, takes visitors back to the ’80s with its holiday homepage! The geometric treatment the brand has applied to promote its “holiday gift guide” is eye-catching and memorable.

Ecommerce Holiday Homepage

We hope these 55 ecommerce holiday homepage examples help inform your homepage strategy in 2023 and beyond!

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