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How To Exceed Your CX Targets: 1:1 Website Personalization

According to a recent study, 45.9% of business professionals named customer experience (CX) as the top priority for their business over the next five years. And while this stat is certainly staggering, it should come as no surprise considering that customers with positive experiences tend to spend 140% more with a given brand. With numbers like these, it’s safe to say that CX is probably a major concern for your business—and if it’s not, it should be.

While CX is a multifaceted practice that touches nearly every aspect of a business, when it comes to marketing, great CX is synonymous with frictionless brand experiences and 1:1 personalization. Why? Because, due to the rising ubiquity of personalization over the past 10 years, consumers have come to expect every experience they have online to be specifically tailored to their needs.

Consumers want to be treated like an individual, not as a generic group of lookalikes having a shared experience. In fact, according to Segment, 71% of customers feel frustrated when their experience with a brand feels impersonal. With consumers stating that they feel discontent when their experience with a brand lacks personalization, it’s clear that those companies that can personalize a consumer’s very first impression of their brand will always have the upper hand.

But, as consumers have come to expect personalization, they’ve also become increasingly more savvy when it comes to identifying when they are being targeted, versus having their needs supported. As such, 63% of customers say they will stop buying from brands that use poor, if not creepy personalization strategies. This means that your personalization of yesteryear that relied on old research or assumptions about how certain segments of consumers shop or interact with your brand, will no longer hit the mark. To achieve industry-leading CX you’ll need to implement 1:1 personalization across every touchpoint in the customer journey.

It’s rare to find a modern consumer brand that’s not already programmatically personalizing their ads to deliver a better brand experience. However, your website is often the place prospective customers get their first impression of your brand, which makes it imperative that you prioritize 1:1 personalization there first.

In order to do so, you should implement a conversion rate optimization (CRO) solution that allows you to create and test unique variations of your website that not only facilitate purchases but also give visitors highly tailored experiences that are as unique as they are. Technology like this gives you the ability to personalize your site 100% of the time for 100% of visitors–even anonymous ones, giving you an advantage over competitors.

Unlike traditional A/B testing which only allows you to optimize singular elements of your site (once you achieve stat sig of course), CRO tools that rely on machine learning to achieve 1:1 personalization will allow you to create seamless CX that is based on actual visitor and behavioral data rather than segmented assumptions.

More than that, machine-learning powered CRO will allow you to automatically adapt the personalized elements of your site over time when it notices changes in customer behavior. Your customer’s online habits while they’re at work are likely to be completely disparate from how they use the web after hours or on the weekend. Sophisticated CRO solutions can allow you to use this contextual insight to create personalization that evolves over time to best fit a visitor’s need in that moment—no more one-size-fits-all segments necessary.

With the importance of CX on the rise, it’s imperative that you consider how a great CRO program will create an impeccable CX. A highly personalized, adaptable site built with sophisticated CRO technology will not only deliver your customers the best experience possible but will also allow you to convert more—now that’s a win-win!

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