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How to Leverage Side-pops in Ecommerce

Are you looking for an effective way to encourage your ecommerce visitors to take a specific action on your website? Side-pops could be just the website element you and your team need to accomplish that! Leveraged by countless ecommerce brands, side-pops can help marketers communicate information about promotions, website cookies, and much more.

Whatever use case you have in mind, keep reading to learn more about how to get started with side-pops on your website.

What is a Side-pop in Ecommerce?

A side-pop is a type of modal that appears on the side of a webpage. Unlike a traditional modal, a side-pop does not disable all other content on the page. Visitors can continue to browse the site without taking the specific action featured in the side-pop. 

Why You Should Use Side-pops in Ecommerce

Here are some compelling reasons to incorporate side-pops into your ecommerce website:

Deliver Information Seamlessly

Side-pops allow you to convey information to customers without redirecting them to a new page or opening a separate window. 

Maximize Message Visibility

By appearing in the visitor's active tab, side-pops ensure that your promotions, deals, or other messages are prominently displayed and noticed by customers.

Optimize Space Usage

Instead of occupying valuable real estate on key pages, you can efficiently utilize space by placing media or information within a side-pop, maintaining a clean and uncluttered design.

Ecommerce Side-pop Examples

Want to see how leading brands leverage side-pops? You’re in the right place! Keep reading to see three side-pop examples from Pretty Rugged, Net-a-Porter, and Girlfriend Collective.

Pretty Rugged: Account Creation Side-pop

Waterproof blanket brand, Pretty Rugged, welcomes visitors with a side-pop encouraging them to create an account with the brand. In doing so, visitors unlock rewards and perks, and Pretty Rugged scores some valuable zero-party data!

Pretty Rugged Side-pop Example

Net-a-Porter: Sale Announcement Side-pop

Luxury fashion retailer, Net-a-Porter, is no stranger to side-pops! Landing on the brand’s homepage, visitors are met with a minimalist side-pop in the bottom left corner. The side-pop lets them know that they can snag items for up to 50% off, reiterating the message in the bright pink banner at the top of the page.

Net-a-Porter Side-pop Example

Girlfriend Collective: Cookie Policy Side-pop

While many brands use them to drive conversions, side-pops can also be used to communicate operational messages. In the example below, eco-friendly athleisure brand Girlfriend Collective, uses its side-pop to alert visitors that the brand’s site uses cookies. If you want to tell visitors how you are using their information without derailing the entire buyer’s journey, side-pops are the way to do it!

Girlfriend Collective Side-pop Example

We hope these three examples give you the inspiration you need to start experimenting with side-pops on your ecommerce brand's website. If you’re already using Intellimize, sign into your account now to give side-pops a try!

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