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How to Avoid Creepy Personalization Fails

With 76% of shoppers stating they’re more likely to consider purchasing from brands that personalize, it’s no surprise that personalization has become an essential strategy for high-performing marketing teams. Although personalization has the potential to improve the customer experience and positively impact your bottom line, when done wrong it can have the exact opposite effect. Why?

Poorly executed personalization is creepy.

Ever received communication from a brand you’ve never heard of that includes your full name? 


What about a targeted ad for an item that a friend or family member mentioned to you during an in-person chat?


Maybe you or someone you know was impacted by Pinterest’s personalization debacle which led to the site sending out emails to tons of single women congratulating them  about their upcoming weddings. 

Downright bone chilling!

Whether you’ve experienced any of these scenarios as a consumer or not, it's crucial to learn how to avoid these personalization fails in order to provide a positive customer experience and build a high-converting funnel. 

That’s why we’re hosting a webinar called Unpacking the Personalization Problem on July 20 at 10 am PT. Featuring Rasmus Houlind, Chief Experience Officer at Agillic, David Mannheim, Founder of Made With Intent, and Guy Yalif Co-Founder and CEO at Intellimize, this webinar will give you the insights you need to build an effective personalization program. Plus the conversation will also provide a sneak peek into Houlind and Mannheim’s new books on personalization, “Hello $FirstName” and “The Personalization Paradox”, respectively.

Moderated by Intellimize CMO, Tracy Sestili, the webinar will not only cover how to avoid creepy personalization but also how to build a holistic optimization and personalization strategy. Although we encourage you to bring your own personalization questions to the Q&A portion of this virtual event, here are some of the questions Houlind, Mannheim, and Yalif will unpack during the session:

  • As marketers, how should we think about personalization?
  • What are the dos and don’ts of personalization?
  • What are some examples of personalization done right?

If you’re interested in hearing from leading personalization experts about how to build and strengthen your personalization strategy don’t miss Unpacking the Personalization Problem.

Register now! 

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