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How to Improve Cart Conversion by Using Motivational Language in Checkout

Let’s face it: a typical checkout flow can feel boring and transactional. Because of this, ecommerce brands have an opportunity to create unique checkout experiences with eye-catching messaging that can help set them apart from the competition.

One way brands can spice up their check out flows is by leveraging motivational language. By adding flattering messages or encouraging upsell tactics, companies can drive their visitors to convert. An encouraging phrase like “nice find” or “great choice” can cause visitors to take more action and further explore a website, which can lead to a higher conversion rate. 

Keep reading to see how 5 ecommerce brands leverage motivational language in their checkout flows to convert more. 

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Lululemon: Positive Affirmations

One great way to motivate visitors to complete their purchases is by cheering them on with positive affirmations as soon as they add an item to their shopping cart. 

When a visitor adds an item to their shopping cart on Lululemon’s site, they’ll see a pop-up with a headline that says “nice pick”,“expect compliments”, or another similar compliment. By offering a myriad  of motivational phrases, the brand creates an interactive experience that flatters visitors into exploring more products and website content. Take a look  below to see how Lululemon presents a new motivational phrase with each product added to the shopping cart. 

Lululemon positive affirmations
Lululemon positive affirmations
Lululemon positive affirmations

Tentree: Appeal to the Altruist

If your brand is mission-focused, consider engaging shoppers by presenting them with an altruistic message in the checkout flow. In the screenshot below eco-friendly clothing brand, Tentree, motivates shoppers to “offset [their] carbon footprint” through a clever upsell on the checkout page. This simple yet effective message encourages browsers to decrease their carbon footprint all while completing their purchase. Giving visitors the opportunity to “plant in an agroforest” during checkout helps bring Tentree’s eco-conscious mission into the checkout flow and raises money to combat climate change—win-win! 

Tentree carbon footprint offset offer message

Marks & Spencer: Praise the Buyer  

Marks & Spencer praises their buyers by providing them with an uplifting message when an item is added to their cart. Once visitors add an item to their bags they’re met with a pop-up letting them know they’ve made a “great choice.” By also adding an option to keep shopping, visitors will feel more encouraged to keep browsing even if they’ve already picked out a great product. This elevates both the shopping and checkout experience by not only flattering visitors, but also allowing them to keep shopping or easily checkout. 

Marks & Spencer uplifting product message

Poppi: Showcasing Sparkling Products

You can also inspire visitors by pairing motivational language with a second look at your products before sending them to the checkout page. Poppi does just this by incorporating bright graphic design elements and clever copy into their colorful site. 

Once a visitor adds an item to their cart, Poppi shows a branded message to let them know they’ve made the right choice. Using a creative play on words with their brand name, Poppi’s website gives visitors an encouraging message when a product is added to their cart. Poppi also takes  a moment to showcase all of their products and flavors again, which may prompt a visitor to add something else to their cart. 

Poppi motivational message with products in the background

Patagonia: Pushing for the Planet

Try experimenting by presenting shoppers with brand goals or initiatives during the checkout process. Patagonia includes a banner at the bottom of its “Your Bag” page letting visitors know that by shopping with the brand they are supporting a grassroots organization. 

A message like this can motivate earth-conscious shoppers who may be on the fence about their purchase to move forward with the checkout process.The message can also entice visitors to learn more about Patagonia’s mission and goals, causing them to further align with the company, and maybe even become a repeat buyer.

Patagonia grassroots organization message

We hope these 5 motivational copy examples spark your creativity to engage with visitors in an uplifting and encouraging way during the checkout process.

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