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Infographic: 2023 Website Trends and Tips for the Travel Industry

Do you know what it takes to turn consumers’ wanderlust into bookings? A solid website strategy.

Although travel spending is on the rise, merely being in the right industry isn't enough to guarantee customers. Rather you’ll have to focus on creating an elevated customer experience (CX)—something that starts with a great website. To give you a better understanding of website trends shaping the travel industry, we’ve put together the below infographic filled with facts and figures to help guide you towards website success.

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With the travel industry finally making a full recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels, it’s clear that consumers are prioritizing experiences and consumer goods related to getting out of the country or just out of the house for the weekend. 

As shoppers continue to spend more on travel, brands must take a closer look at how online sales and website conversions are playing a part in the industry’s revival. That’s why we’ve compiled five stats on the state of the travel industry with corresponding website tips for you to try out.

Keep reading to get a deeper understanding of the trends shaping travel and tourism and how you can change your website accordingly.

74% of all revenue in the travel and tourism market will be generated via online sales by 2027 (source)

💡With the majority of travel conversions happening online, it’s critical to identify points of friction in your buyer journey. Take a close look at your checkout flow and experiment with elements that may be causing visitors to abandon their carts.

95.1% of consumers read 7 or more reviews before booking a hotel (source)

💡Make an active effort to collect more customer reviews to feature on your brand’s site. Experiment with where and how you tout positive reviews on your website to increase conversions.

40.1% of travelers between the ages of 18 and 33 choose vacation locales based on how “Instagrammable” they are (source)

💡Experiment with “Instagram-worthy” imagery on your brand’s site to capture Gen Z and Millenials’ desires for an aesthetically pleasing vacation.

80% of shoppers prefer to use a laptop or desktop computer when booking travel (source)

💡Although mobile conversions may be king in other verticals, when it comes to travel, brands should focus more heavily on optimizing the desktop experience.

78% of luxury travelers want to book travel with eco-friendly companies (source)

💡If your brand has a strong sustainability policy, consider featuring it prominently on your site to appeal to travelers with a bias towards eco-friendly organizations.

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