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Infographic: ABM Trends and Tips for 2024

Whether you’re interested in building an account based marketing (ABM) program from the ground up or plugging the holes in your existing program, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled five stats that will help you understand the state of ABM and where it’s headed.

This Infographic, which comes as part of our larger Mad Libs for Marketers campaign will help you fill in the blanks when it comes to building an ABM program fit for 2024 and beyond.

ABM Trends & Tips for 2024

Have you been tasked with turning your target account list into mountains of cash but need help figuring out where to start? You’re in luck— this infographic is here to help you do just that! We’ve compiled facts and figures on the state of ABM in 2024 to help you fill in the blanks of your B2B marketing program this year and beyond.

Keep reading to learn about five trends shaping the practice of ABM paired with corresponding tips for you to try out.

37% of marketers struggle to secure sufficient  resources to dedicate towards their ABM initiatives (source)

💡 With so much economic uncertainty and smaller budgets becoming the new normal, it can be tricky to secure the tools you need to run an effective ABM program. Consider investing in AI-driven personalization technology that can help you scale your program by automating the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with ABM.

Over 50% of companies who are scaling theirABM programs struggle to identify in-market accounts (source)

💡 If you don’t have a tool in place, define your ideal customer profile (ICP) criteria and look at historical and first-party data to pull your initial list of accounts. You can further segment this list by focusing on one vertical or geography. With the help of intent data, you can layer on buying signals that will help make sure the accounts you’re going after are in the market for a solution.

Alignment between sales and marketing teams can increase deal closing rates by 67% (source)

💡 Think about what kinds of tools and technology you’ll need to seamlessly collaborate with your externally-facing teams to create immersive ABM program. Identify specific features and integrations that could help foster cross-functional work between your marketing and sales teams.

71% of shoppers expect companies to deliver personalized experiences (source)

💡 Personalization is no longer a nice-to-have— consumers expect to have a personalized and seamless experience across all of their interactions with your brand. This means that you need to go beyond just personalizing landing pages and start considering other marketing properties as well like your base website, emails, sales outreach, and more for a truly personalized ABM program.

29% of marketers target between 101 and 500 accounts using their ABM programs (source)

💡 When focusing on a high number of target accounts, it can be overwhelming to create the amount of marketing materials and sales assets needed to properly personalize for each company. Use AI-driven personalization technology to scale tailor-made landing pages and more.

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