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How to Enhance Your ABM Program with AI

Account based marketing (ABM) is a notoriously time-consuming strategy. With countless personalized email sequences, targeted direct mail campaigns, and custom digital experiences, ABM no doubt places a huge stress on B2B marketing teams’ time and resources. But, that doesn’t mean building and executing an ABM strategy isn’t worth it.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite—one report shows that 86% of marketers believe that ABM improves win rates! With staggering numbers like that, it’s time for marketers to double down on their ABM strategies and invest in technology that can help shoulder the burden of their programs.

One way to ease the challenge of ABM? Artificial Intelligence (AI). From advanced algorithms to ChatGPT, AI has transitioned from a mere concept of science fiction to a driving force behind business agility. With so many emerging AI-driven tools, now is high time to adopt AI into your ABM strategy. 

One company that’s already done just that is Business Spend Management (BSM) platform, Coupa Software Incorporated. To scale and execute their ABM program with AI, the Coupa team chose to invest in Intellimize and integrate it with Demandbase. Their goal was to provide highly personalized website experiences to each of their four key verticals.

Using Intellimize, Coupa developed 28 separate homepage experiences with industry-specific variations of the headline, subheadline, logos, images, and more. They even took it a step further by showing multiple copy and image options within each vertical. This resulted in 590K versions of their homepage running at the same time, something that would have been impossible without an AI-driven solution.

In just one year of working with Intellimize, Coupa was able to complete the equivalent of 240 years of A/B testing. 

Coupa's story perfectly illustrates how to effectively incorporate AI into your ABM program to save time and resources. As market conditions evolve, AI-driven solutions will continue to enable marketers to do more with less—whether it’s saving the equivalent of 240 years or simply making the workday a little easier, AI is the future of ABM and beyond.

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