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Part 3 of 3: Create a Seamless Transition from Ad to Landing Page with These 3 Tips

This is the third post of a three-part series on landing page conversion optimization. If you haven’t read them yet, check out parts one and two first.

No matter how compelling your ad is, you’ll fail to convert a potential customer if your landing page falls flat. This is why it’s essential to keep customers moving down the funnel by creating a seamless transition from your ad to your landing page.

Let’s dive into 3 ways you can improve your ad-to-landing page transition.

1. Maintain a similar look and feel

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. When you click on an ad, you expect to land on a page that looks and feels the same. But if the branding, colors, or imagery from ad to landing page are mismatched in some way, you’ll feel like you’re in the wrong place and likely exit. 

As a marketer, it’s crucial to ensure that your look and feel is consistent across your ads and landing pages. Even if you’re not using the exact same visuals in your ad and landing page, it’s important to make sure similar elements and color schemes are present across both experiences. For example, Keurig uses different images in their ad and landing page below, but both experiences show the same coffee maker, the red mug, and the Starry Night background.

Maintain a similar look and feel

2. Display the right product at the right time

I think I speak for everyone when I say that as a consumer, there’s nothing more frustrating than clicking on an enticing item in an ad I see and being redirected instead to a category page or, even worse, the homepage. Within a split second, my excitement turns to frustration. Now I have to decide if I want to put the extra effort into navigating the site and hunting the item down myself, or if I just want to forget the whole thing altogether. 

Unfortunately, too many ecommerce sites are still giving this experience. It not only encourages shoppers to bounce from your site but will also make them think twice before clicking on your ads in the future. And for the few shoppers who do take the time to search around your site to find the exact product pictured in your ad, the reality is that you’re still making them put this extra effort in when it didn’t have to be this way. Not the best customer experience! 

The solution is clear. For any of your ads that promote specific products, make sure you link directly to the page where a customer can buy that product, as Famous Footwear does below. When you display the right product at the right time, you create a seamless transition that helps you meet expectations, build trust, and increase chances of conversion.

Display the right product at the right time

3. Make your copy consistent

While it’s imperative to maintain consistency across the visual aspects of your ads and landing pages, your copy is just as important. Like with your imagery, you want to use similar keywords and phrases across your ads and landing pages so they both convey the same message (even if they’re not exactly the same word-for-word).

When optimizing your copy, consider various elements such as CTAs, product names and details, and promotional messaging. Oats Overnight, for example, uses the exact same product description (“Yes, there’s marshmallows. 22g Protein”) as their ad headline, letting customers know they’ve landed in the right place.

Make your copy consistent

Additional Resources

When running ads to promote your ecommerce business, continuity is key. The more seamless a transition you can create from ad to landing page, the more conversions you can drive.

For even more tips to optimize your ads and landing pages, check out these resources:

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