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Code42 Drives 15% Lift in Conversions on Key Website Forms with Intellimize

Code42 drove an impressive 15% lift on website form conversions leveraging Intellimize and intent data and integrations with 6sense and Marketo.

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increase in conversions on both "contact sales" and "free trial" forms
variations ran within their first six months
incremental conversions

Code42 is a cybersecurity software company that’s been safeguarding the world’s leading brands for nearly two decades. Although the brand has long been a leader in its industry, Code42 underwent major changes in 2022 that led them to rethink their website strategy. 

After selling off the cloud backup and recovery arm of their business, Code42 needed to overhaul their brand messaging to match the company’s refocus on its insider risk management offerings. With this change came a new website and a new target market for Code42. But without a testing program in place, they had no insights into how to reinvigorate their website and make their primary conversion points, the “contact sales” and “free trial” forms, the lead generators they once were.

To solve this problem, Sarah Bartlett, Director of Web Strategy and Marketing Operations, and Sarah Good, Senior Web Program Manager, were looking for website optimization software that would allow them to scale their experimentation program. After vetting several traditional testing vendors, Sarah and Sarah selected Intellimize to leverage its AI Optimize technology. Because of its ability to show unique page variations to each website visitor, and automatically allocate traffic, the Code42 team felt confident that AI Optimize would enable them to increase their experimentation velocity even with their limited bandwidth.

Securing early wins with 6sense and Marketo

To capture the most insights quickly, Code42 experimented with the headlines and subheadlines on their high-traffic pages. Within six months, the team created 76 different variations of their homepage that spoke to a variety of personas so they could learn what high-level messaging was resonating best.

Additionally, Code42 integrated Intellimize with their 6sense and Marketo instances to leverage intent data, industry names, and profile information enabling them to easily create target audiences. This also gave them the ability to report on a more granular level like traffic source or device type to glean deeper insights about their website’s performance among particular audiences. 

By integrating with Marketo Smart Lists, Code42 could also see if a site visitor had already converted on their “contact sales” form. Using this information, they then changed the calls to action (CTA) across the site to drive those visitors toward starting a free trial rather than contacting sales again.

Lights, camera, conversion

One place Sarah and Sarah have seen success, in particular, is the product module on Code42’s homepage.

In April 2022, Code42’s team experimented with adding a product video to the module in place of the longer paragraph greeting they had been using. Within two months, they noticed that visitors who were shown the video converted 50 percent more than those who were not shown the video. Because the variation with the video was seeing higher conversions, Intellimize’s AI Optimize surfaced the video to more traffic without any manual changes from Code42. Because of the overwhelmingly positive results, Sarah and Sarah chose to add the video to the module permanently.

The team also experimented with the copy in the module by creating versions for both traditional (focused on compliance) and progressive security buyers (focused on streamlined data protection), respectively. Rather than pushing the different copy variations to the corresponding persona as they would have in the past, Code42’s team confidently launched both versions with AI Optimize. Through the AI-driven experiment, they found that their “progressive” copy worked across more personas than they initially expected—an insight they could not have garnered from traditional website testing. As a result, they’ve been able to test this messaging more broadly across other parts of their website and have seen additional success.

“We used to make so many changes to our base website based on a hunch or suggestions from product marketing or leadership. Now, with Intellimize we can test those ideas first without having a dedicated CRO headcount. We probably have 100 plus different content changes constantly being tested at any given time!“
- Sarah Good, Senior Web Program Manager

Locking down impressive results

With Intellimize’s AI Optimize, the Code42 team has scaled their experimentation program without hiring a dedicated conversion rate optimization (CRO) professional. In fact, they typically have 100-plus variations running on their site at any given time.

Since starting with Intellimize, they’ve seen a 15 percent conversion rate increase on their “contact sales” and “free trial” forms plus two thousand incremental conversions from other Intellimize experiences they’ve run. With these impressive results, they’re excited to continue their AI Optimize journey with Intellimize.

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