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Coupa Executes Dynamic ABM Strategy with Intellimize

Learn how the marketing team at Coupa leveraged Intellimize to launch a powerful ABM program targeting their key named accounts.

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Coupa Software Incorporated is a cloud-based Business Spend Management (BSM) platform that unifies processes across supply chain, procurement, and finance functions. Like many B2B companies, their website strategy is focused on capturing leads through their demo form and through downloadable content.

A core part of their marketing strategy focuses on building out an account-based marketing (ABM) program to land and expand named target accounts. With this in mind, Coupa’s optimization team was focused on finding a solution that would make it easy to run website experiments as well as support their ABM efforts. After conducting research, they realized Intellimize was the best tool that could help them achieve both of their goals.

ABM meets AI

Coupa quickly started working with Intellimize by running key experiments on their homepage to build a baseline for their program. They executed traditional A/B tests in addition to experiments using AI-driven optimization. 

Erin Triman, Global Digital Marketing Director at Coupa, set a vision for a strong industry and segment-based personalization  program. Partnering with Ally Vandenherik on her team, Coupa was able to design and launch a robust program targeting four key verticals.

The first step was to create audiences for each of the four verticals which they did using a combination of first and third party data. Combining data from Demandbase, Marketo, and website history, the team had a robust set of information to ensure the right account saw the right website variation. This enabled them to target the specific accounts on their target list, as well as additional accounts that fell within their ideal customer profile (ICP) to ensure the best conversion rate.

Once they had their audiences, Ally and Erin were able to quickly develop 28 separate experiences with industry specific variations of the headline, subheadline, logos, images and more on their homepage. With Intellimize they could take it a step further and show multiple copy and image options within each vertical, enabling them to continue experimenting within their ABM program. This resulted in 590K versions of their homepage running at the same time, something that is only manageable with an AI-optimized solution. Using Intellimize’s visual editor, Ally was able to easily create these experiences without needing to use code or development resources to build out these campaigns on the Coupa website.

Delivering uniquely personalized experiences to these industries has shown incredible results. The team has seen a 32% lift in revenue from their homepage, with some of their best experiments realizing over 100% lift. Plus, in just one year of working with Intellimize, they’ve been able to complete the equivalent of 240 years of A/B testing.

“With the Intellimize team, we’ve been able to partner on strategy in the best way to build our audiences, which has really been the key to success with our ABM efforts. We love working with their team and the results we’ve achieved speak for themselves.”
Ally Vandenherik, Conversion Rate Optimization Manager

What’s next?

With results like this, the Coupa team is eager to expand their industry and segment-based efforts and scale these results to other key verticals. They look forward to working with the Intellimize team and strategizing on additional ways to build audiences and ensure that their ABM programs are as targeted as possible.

With a recent launch of a site redesign, the team is well equipped to maximize a number of new optimization opportunities that are heading their way, and will be able to test new ideas before they launch their new site.

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