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How Snowflake's ABM Team Used Intellimize to Accelerate Landing Page Conversions by 60%

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lift in meetings booked with ABM accounts
increase in engagement in Q2 FY22

Personalization at scale, with a human touch

Snowflake, a business specializing in cloud-based data storage and analytics, has built a world-class marketing program with account based marketing (ABM) as its foundation. An effective ABM strategy hinges on personalization to develop and nurture current and future client relationships. As you can imagine, that gets very complex when running at a large volume and trying to scale quickly. 

For Snowflake’s marketing team, regularly updating 2,000 1:1 ABM campaigns (each page with custom imagery, messaging, etc) was a major challenge. And, coming off of an impressive software IPO in 2020, the number of campaigns was only expected to explode with Snowflake’s projected growth and aggressive targets. Their Director of ABM, Hillary Carpio, quickly made the call to find a personalization and optimization partner that was up for the challenge.

Intellimize emerged as the best option for Snowflake to scale their ABM personalization efforts based on integration capabilities and the ability to support the entire marketing organization. With Intellimize’s world-class customer success team assisting with personalization ideas and account strategy, Snowflake quickly started iterating on new page templates for their ABM program and launched the program soon thereafter.

“Snowflake has cracked the code, and we use Intellimize to do it”
Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM, Snowflake

After a year of using Intellimize, quarter over quarter, the Snowflake team has seen a 49% lift in meetings booked for their ABM targets. Experiencing a 60% increase in engagement in Q2FY22 alone, Hillary says that Intellimize’s cross-functional integrations allows her team to share their wins with the rest of their organization.

Their approach to ABM work is now a hybrid model—real humans still curate the pages, but Intellimize’s machine learning ensures that Snowflakes ABM pages display the elements that are most likely to convert visitors. Snowflake gets to step back from the day-to-day creation of campaigns and trust that everything is taken care of brand-wise, and optimized for the best possible user experience.

According to Hillary, “Snowflake has cracked the code, and we use Intellimize to do it.”

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