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Going Beyond A/B Testing at Tableau: Driving Personalized Experiences and Conversion Performance

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“I wish that I had the opportunity to use Intellimize sooner”

As the world’s leading visual analytics platform, Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand data. In 2019 with a growing amount of their sales coming from smaller deals, Tableau sought to scale and optimize the self-serve option on their website. But according to Bryan Law, SVP Marketing and GM of Ecommerce, placing an emphasis on self-service came with a unique set of challenges—the most pressing of which was optimizing their ecommerce site with a small team with limited bandwidth.

With many aggressive targets on the horizon for their ecommerce site, Bryan chose to implement Intellimize to build and scale their optimization strategy. Bryan selected Intellimize for its world-class professional services as well as the platform's flexibility, making for a fast and seamless implementation. Most importantly, Bryan was interested in leveraging Intellimize’s major differentiator—AI Optimize. Powered by machine learning, AI Optimize turns static, one-size-fits-all websites into adaptive learning websites that optimize and personalize the experience for every single visitor in the moment. In Bryan’s words:

"What Intellimize brings to the table is the understanding that not every visitor to our site is the same. Variant A might be better for 70% of our site visitors, but Variant B is better for the remaining 30%. So if we choose only Variant A, we are losing out on that 30%. Intellimize can recognize and capitalize on this opportunity to show each web visitor a personalized experience that is best for them. Further, the platform can run many simultaneous tests, and will perpetually optimize the site experience as our visitors change over time."
Bryan Law, SVP Marketing and GM of Ecommerce, Tableau

Since implementing Intellimize, Bryan and his team have been able to conduct tests on their ecommerce site at a higher velocity than ever before. Intellimize enabled Tableau’s marketing team to create more sophisticated personalization that not only brings the right people into their ecommerce funnel, but also converts them. Since improving their ecommerce experience with Intellimize, Bryan’s team has doubled their conversion rate with a 9:1 return on our spend with Intellimize to boot!

According to Bryan, “Looking back, I wish that I had the opportunity to use Intellimize sooner. It truly has made such a huge difference to us at Tableau!”

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