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Industrious generates $1.6M in value with Intellimize

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Coworking meets luxury

With more than 150 locations globally, Industrious is the fastest-growing coworking space in the US. Boasting stylish spaces and prime perks (craft coffee, daily breakfast, and weekly happy hours, etc.), Industrious elevates the coworking industry by offering a premium, subscription-based offering. 

They have a unique business model in that the main goal of Industrious’ website is to have prospective customers fill out a form to book a tour of a nearby Industrious space. Industrious uses these tours as an opportunity to see if there is a mutual fit and discuss pricing.

Since recurring revenue is dependent on conducting tours and signing new customers, Industrious knew it was critical to partner with an optimization tool to maximize website conversions and create a truly personalized experience for their visitors.

Premium website optimization to drive premium leads

Chris Baszto, Head of Marketing at Industrious, didn’t need to be convinced of the value of a solution like Intellimize. His team had previously been using a more traditional testing tool that limited the amount of elements they could test at any given time and was slow to provide definitive results. Tasked with optimizing critical website pages, Chris and his team now use Intellimize to easily make changes to homepage videos, imagery, and messages without coding anything. 

Expanding their use of Intellimize, Vince Perrone, SEO and Website Optimization Manager, has seen success in running key experiments. In just the first 90 days of using Intellimize, they saw an impressive 12% increase in lift on their ‘book a tour’ goal. In fact, the Industrious team has experienced remarkable success quarter over quarter with their optimization program. In the first two quarters alone, Intellimize drove $1.6 million in value for their business. 

“We’re in a tight marketplace with a small competitive set, all playing in the same sandbox, so to speak. We need to be able to convert every penny of that audience” - Chris Baszto

Perrone agrees. “Intellimize is very easy to use and very user-friendly. We can get something up and running very very fast, which is great for our business and the way we like to do things.” When asked if a single experiment stood out to him as being most impactful, Perrone quipped “It really is an accumulation of many significant efforts to get results like ours. A lot of people are quick to test new ideas based on their thoughts and feelings rather than data. With AI Optimize, we can test our theories very quickly and very easily without minimal interruption of the normal user flow and figure out whether those ‘thoughts and feelings’ are accurate or inaccurate."

A new lease on CRO

While the team originally used Intellimize solely for website experimentation, over time the Industrious team uncovered a new use case that goes beyond performance marketing. Their website ownership was changed from the marketing team to the Digital Product and Engineering teams. This enabled Industrious data engineers to build a complex digital ecosystem to better run their business. With this change, the Marketing team now relied on submitting tickets to get changes made to the website. Until they realized they could use Intellimize to make changes to their base website, enabling them to retain some ownership and have flexibility with their web environment.

Partnering with their engineering team, Baszto’s team was able to design five “ironclad, engineering-approved” landing page templates to fit the foreseeable needs of the marketing team. Using Intellimize to dynamically swap, change, and shift the experience on the page, there was no more waiting two weeks to submit a ticket and get requests live. And, the Marketing team was assured they weren’t going to break or disrupt anything on their site. “This setup allows us to have a best-in-class, really clean workflow system in the web environment that’s engineered perfectly, and gives us the dynamic aspects that a marketing team needs.” Baszto said.

“You can use this platform to create living, breathing, website experiences. A platform like Intellimize is so powerful. We aren’t even scratching the surface of possibilities but that’s the vision and that’s why we’ll keep Intellimize in play.”
Chris Baszto, Head of Marketing

The future looks Industrious

The Industrious team is heading into a season of change, with a large website revamp on the horizon. Moving the site to a different CMS and setting up their own backend has been in the works for awhile and Intellimize will continue to support their optimization efforts once these changes are complete.

Industrious has also very recently launched a self-serve option on their site, where browsers can select a space and checkout themselves with a credit card, instead of booking a tour, adding more variation to their business model. With so many plans in the works, Baszto and Perrone are even more excited to partner with Intellimize to implement these changes and optimize as many elements of each update as possible.

“I see Intellimize as the marketing team’s activation arm for website experiences. Our gateway to edit, manipulate and create on the website without having to code.” - Chris Baszto

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