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LaserAway Drives 200% Growth with Intellimize

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Founded in 2006, LaserAway is touted as the nation’s leader in aesthetic dermatology. With more than 115 locations across North America, they are the go-to source for laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and other beauty related services. With brick and mortar locations providing the main source of revenue, LaserAway relies heavily on customers booking appointments ahead of time via an online lead generation form. Prospective customers are prompted to fill out their information before booking a consultation or scheduling an appointment.

A cutting edge team that understands the power of machine learning

The LaserAway marketing team was previously using a tool for A/B testing and light multivariate testing, but they were not achieving their desired results. The team knew there was ample opportunity to increase conversions. They wanted a website optimization partner that could collaborate with them on not only testing ideas but also provide strategy recommendations.

LaserAway needed a tool to optimize overall website performance as well as increase conversions, appointment bookings, and revenue. After meeting at an event and having a few conversations with the Intellimize team, Gabe Meierotto, Conversion Rate Optimization Director, knew that Intellimize was the right solution for LaserAway. Not only could they continue to run experiments, they would have the ability to personalize their website for every visitor. But the real selling point was the AI-driven optimization. Gabe had a deep understanding of the value of AI, and was eager to implement the multitude of optimization ideas he had for the brand paired with advanced technology. His executive sponsor, Paul Baumgarthuber, CMO, was fully supportive and gave Gabe the green light and resources to begin engaging with Intellimize.

A motivated brand champion partners with an agile customer success team

Gabe had no shortage of hypotheses to test. In website optimization, a higher number of variations typically equates to more winning ideas, better results, and more conversions. He started by testing countless combinations of the multi-step booking form as well as experimenting with exit intent popups. Sample combinations included testing the number of steps to complete the form, icon types, text only steps, alphabetizing the icons and options in each step, adding auto slide progression and adding a check per each step just to name a few. 

With the 2600+ variations they’ve launched, the team has been able to show users billions of possible page versions, on average driving 100% lift*. The best performing combinations have since been baked into their base site. In addition to testing the multi-step booking form, they tested exit modal variations which saw an average 2x lift over no change. While they continue to iterate on testing ideas, their core website has greatly improved as a result of so many positive testing outcomes.

When agility becomes necessity

Prior to COVID-19, LaserAway’s main use case for their multi-step form was lead gen for in person consultations. LaserAway needed to pivot its business model to support virtual consultations. Collaborating with the Intellimize Customer Success team, Gabe and his team were able to test and implement virtual consultation messaging and infrastructure for their sales team to utilize in the height of the quarantine period. This pivot helped LaserAway stay agile amidst changing economic conditions and prevented missed conversion opportunities.

Combining our team’s ideas with Intellimize’s guidance and machine-learning technology has driven incredible results. A 210x ROI with minimal internal resources is impressive and we're excited to continue partnering with a company that makes our business goals their own to ensure success.
- Paul Baumgarthuber, CMO

Optimization velocity by 11x is only the beginning

Gabe and the LaserAway team have hit their stride in the optimization of all of their core services pages. With the success and results the LaserAway team has driven with Intellimize, their leadership team has invested in expanding the team to include in-house development resources. This has enabled them to improve testing and optimization velocity by 11x what they were achieving with their previous solution. With regular promotional activities to support, they are well equipped to spin up landing pages promoting seasonal offers around Black Friday and Spring Fling. The LaserAway team continues to use top performing landing pages while incorporating new testing ideas into their optimization program.

To learn more about how to accelerate and scale website optimization and performance, book a demo with our team.

*100% lift is from August 2020 - Nov 2021.

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