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Celebrity Endorsement Ecommerce Website Ideas

Your Marketing team has just invested in a costly celebrity endorsement for a big integrated campaign. They expect this partnership to bring in loads of revenue across all of their channels, and they’re asking you to lead the website strategy.

Now what?

We know that celebrity endorsements can definitely move the needle when it comes to attracting and converting prospective customers, but identifying where and how to test this form of social proof on your website can prove to be a challenge.  

Keep reading for a few tips and ideas you can implement to get the most out of your brand’s celebrity endorsements.

Prioritize a Seamless Ad-to-Website Experience

There is nothing worse than creating a compelling ad only for it to lead to a page that looks and feels completely disparate from what was advertised. That’s why before you decide what kind of tests to run on your website, you need to sit down with your digital marketing manager(s) to understand how they plan to leverage celebrity endorsements in their campaigns. 

In addition to the imagery and language used in the ads, take stock of the call to action (CTA) of each ad. Is the CTA simply “learn more” or is it more specific, enticing consumers to “See [Celebrity Name]’s Collection”? Whatever the case may be, you need to ensure that you create a seamless ad-to-website experience by creating a webpage that shows exactly what the visitor expects. Point blank—if your ads feature a celebrity in them, you definitely need to make sure that a few of the site variations you test feature that same celebrity or language associated with them.

In the example below home fitness brand Tonal features extraordinary athlete, Serena Williams, in their digital ads and on their homepage. In doing so they’ve created a thoughtful integrated strategy that prioritizes continuity.

Tonal ad
Tonal ad

Test Out Video

By and large, websites that leverage video have a 4.8% conversion rate which is about 2% higher than websites that don’t use video. While we know that when it comes to website testing what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander—meaning that not every website experiment will will work for every brand, we can’t ignore these benchmarks altogether.

Just as Ron Weber, Web Communications Director & Head of SEO at Actian recommends, you need to test out video to see if it can really drive results for your business.  If a visitor is coming to your site to check out a celebrity or influencer’s line with your brand, they’ve likely seen the celeb in action on their tv or phone screen. Mimic the ways your visitors already interact with a celebrity by showing a video of the celeb using a product or talking about it.

In the example below, Beats by Dre features a video of Kim Kardashian giving a behind the scenes look at her partnership with the brand. In doing so, they allow site visitors to “keep up” with Kim in a way that feels familiar. With all this in mind, be sure to test out variations of your site that don’t feature video to appeal to visitors for whom video will negatively impact their likelihood of conversion.

Create a Star-studded Site Navigation

If your brand partners with multiple celebrities or influencers at a time, consider adding functionality to your site to allow visitors to browse products based on whichever celebrity they’re most interested in. While this may not be a winning strategy for every brand, companies like ecommerce apparel brand, Princess Polly, have done just that!

In the example below, site visitors can view different product offerings based on the taste and selections of different Instagram and Tik Tok influencers. While the names you see below may not be household (yet), Princess Polly relies heavily on sponsored content by influencers. This means that it’s more than likely that a significant amount of site visitors may be aware of at least a few of the names on this list. This unique site navigation allows visitors to explore Princess Pollys’ clothing similar to how they may shop for fashion on Instagram—by looking at specific influencer’s profiles.

When it comes to building a robust website strategy to support your brand’s celebrity endorsement, testing is key. That’s why in order to try out the above ideas it’s imperative that your company invests in a website optimization tool that shows the right variation to the right visitor. If video or influencer-focused site navigation doesn’t resonate with one visitor, it may resonate with a different one. In order to identify these nuances, you’ll need AI-driven CRO technology that can serve the perfect variation of your site to each visitor.

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