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Alternative Chatbots

May 05, 2021

Chatbots are a handy way to gain more insights into your prospects, help direct them towards what they’re looking for, and guide them to your own objectives. If you utilize chatbots, you can leverage Intellimize to enhance your prospect’s experience by swapping out chatbots based on who your prospect is and where they are on their journey with you.

Listen for triggers within chats

One thing to consider is leveraging your chatbots as a way to gather more information about who your visitor is so that you can present tailored content and chatbots that are better fits for who they are.

As your prospects engage with your chatbot, you can set different triggers and attributes that Intellimize can listen for and act upon. Any info you might want to use to tailor the user experience can be added as a trigger.


If you don’t know what industry or role the prospect is in yet and they reveal this info within the chatbot, Intellimize can remember that. Future page visits can be restructured with eligible variations for that industry or role.

Swap out chatbots to personalize the prospect’s experience

You can set up various chatbots with unique messaging and tone (outside of Intellimize), then set attributes that Intellimize can listen for. Intellimize can swap out chatbots, based on your attributes, to meet the prospect where they are in their journey with you.

Funnel position and new vs repeat visitors

When a prospect is first testing the waters with your company, you’ll probably want the chatbot to have a level tone with generic but encouraging messaging. As the prospect moves down the funnel or repeatedly visits the site, you know they’re more interested and invested. The tone may shift to be more aggressive or the messaging can push them to talk to sales or another objective.

High-valued targeted prospects

If you have MVP prospects that you’ve reached out to directly or had a great interest in, you might want to set up a specialized chatbot with targeted messaging to further finesse or direct the prospects. Perhaps you offer a phone number, live chat agent, or a discount/special offer.

Lower-valued prospects

If you’ve determined that some audiences aren’t the right fit for your business or are lower-value targets, you may want to push that audience to self-serve options or a particular solution.

Industry, role, or solution

You might have a different type of messaging or tone per audience group that you want to configure as different chatbots to surface. For instance, a prospect in the aviation industry could get a chatbot that includes aviation lingo or specific context-sensitive dialog trees.

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