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Experiment with images

May 04, 2021

An image is worth a thousand words, as they say. Sometimes your images can draw prospects in and, combined with the right messaging, encourage them to convert. Try running multiple variants of the images on your pages to see what resonates with your prospects. Intellimize can help uncover the content that has the most impact.

Test out different mediums, treatments, and styles

Try different types of imagery to see what your prospects are going to connect with most. Sometimes it’s product images, illustrations, or photographs. Play with how you style those images and how they interact with each other and the other content on the page.

  • Medium – Photographs vs illustrations vs. animations vs. video clips
  • Overlays – Colored vs. partial transparency vs. none
  • Styles – Drop shadow vs. outer glow vs. page edge-to-edge vs. overlapping images
Example: ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan uses a good mix of photos and illustrations for static images and video thumbnails. The combination of different imagery helps the audience get a good sense of their solution in action, without needing a big explanation. The surrounding messaging and or videos let the prospect dive in to learn more.

The 3 examples below showcase different ways they present images.

  • Top left image – An illustration showing their dashboard is the thumbnail for a video.
  • Bottom left image – A photo of someone in the field with overlaid benefits acts as their thumbnail for another video.
  • Right image – An illustration of their mobile software is overlaid on a photo of someone using the software in the field.

Test out different subjects and image composition

The context of your page and solutions may inform what kind of subjects you’re able to present in your images. Below are a number of different ideas you could consider trying.

  • Photos of people – Stock photos vs. more natural, less perfect looking individuals
  • Abstract images – Colors vs. shapes vs. artistic
  • Objects – Computers vs. charts vs. screenshots
  • Scenery – Beaches vs. sunsets vs. open field

Another thing to consider is where your subject’s attention is focused. As an audience, we tend to follow the gaze of people we’re looking at — including in photographs. If your images include people, try having the person’s gaze aim towards the product or messaging you’re presenting.

Additional considerations:

  • Do you include just one subject or have multiple subjects in the image?
  • What are their perceived moods? What are they doing in the image?
  • Does the image convey a message or just compliment your text?
Example: LaserAway

On the homepage, two example hero images test a few things at once:

  • Scenery – Beach vs. car
  • Action – Walking vs. driving
  • Subject’s gaze – Looking into the distance vs. looking at the audience

Test out different placements for your images

Try out variations where the image is different sizes or in different places on the page. For instance:

  • Large hero
  • Banner image
  • Next to your text
  • Above or below your text
  • Background image (behind text / content)

Test out images tailored by geolocation

In some cases, you might be able to leverage the prospect’s location to present different relevant images. This may not apply to you depending on your offerings.

Examples may include:

  • Region-specific imagery for high-value regions or targeted prospects. For instance, if you’re targeting a set of prospects that are based in New York, you might try to include photos of people with New York scenery in the background.
  • If you offer services in specific regions, you could show a service map with eligibility based on the prospect’s location.

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