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Form Validation to Qualify Prospects

May 06, 2021

Form validation can be a good option to leverage if you want to filter out less qualified leads so that more of the prospects converting are highly qualified leads. You can let the less qualified leads filter themselves out by defining certain criteria that you find less desirable, and then let form validation be the gatekeeper.

The criteria you choose to filter out will vary based on your key business goals and decisions. Examples might include:

  • Email address (excluding personal email addresses)
  • Employee count/company size
  • Position in the company
  • Country or region

Example: Segment’s demo form

Segment, for example, requires that you enter a business email address. This might filter out smaller businesses that run their company out of a personal email address.

When you enter an email address on the left CTA, it takes you to a slightly longer form, where the email address is pre-populated.

If a personal email is entered, it prompts to use only a valid business email address:

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