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Apr 23, 2021

Consider thinking outside of the form field box by injecting some color and life into your forms. Anything that saves your prospects time and effort is going to come across as a win. Every second counts. Try adding elements to your form that the prospect only has to click to answer, instead of manually inputting the info.

Try clickable answers

When there are only a few answers the prospect might provide, try clickable elements instead of text fields:

  • Sliders to select a range
  • Buttons or images that act as buttons
  • Radio buttons for lists of items
  • Checkboxes to select multiple items at once
Illustrative example: Radio buttons

Here, we might only have a few buckets we want to capture. Instead of a text field or dropdown menu, it might be cleaner and easier to simply click the applicable option.

Illustrative example: Buttons with images

This example leverages a form and elements from ServiceTitan’s website to illustrate what a form industry selector might look like with clickable buttons.

  • In reality, ServiceTitan has solutions for several industries, so a dropdown menu might be best.
  • For this example, however, we’ll pretend there are only 4 industries to select (randomly chosen).

The use of icons or buttons can:

  • Break up a form so it seem less form-like.
  • Present a more engaging way to collect info.
  • Reduce the number of keystrokes and clicks, making it easier and quicker to submit.

Try dropdown menus

Another option to consider trying is a dropdown menu to select an option from. This can be useful for both a small list or a large list of options. For larger selections, dropdowns might present a cleaner design.

Example: DocuSign

In DocuSign’s trial signup form, they’ve added a dropdown for selecting your industry:

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