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Personalize the homepage for each buyer

Jun 03, 2021

Your customers are individuals. Leverage Intellimize to tailor their experience so that it feels more personalized to them. Meet your customers where they are and showcase only relevant content that they’d be interested in.

Reflect on what you know about your visitors

It’s important to take stock of what you know about your visitors. The more you know about your visitors, the more impactful your ideas are likely to be. Take some time to think about what sources you might have access to that would hold info and insights into your visitors. Examples might include:

  • Whether they’re a new visitor, returning customer, or a VIP customer
  • What they do on your site (the path they take and their behavior)
  • How they came to your site (i.e. track with UTM parameters)

Tailor by customer type

Consider generating personalized messaging and/or promos geared towards returning customers, customer loyalty, or high valued customers (e.g. membership program).

Messaging might include:

  • A greeting or welcome message (e.g. “Welcome back!” or “Good to see you!”)
  • Membership-specific verbiage (e.g. “As a loyal member…”)
  • Non-member of membership (e.g. “If you sign up for a membership…”)

Promos may include:

  • Free gift
  • Discounts
  • Free shipping
  • Referral bonus / discount

Tailor by actions taken and behavior

Consider leveraging what they purchase:

  • Buy again – Highlight products they’ve purchased before that make sense to buy again (e.g. acne cream, coffee, gift cards, etc.). Consider featuring these items when they’re on sale.
  • Might also like – Recommend products that are similar to or complement previous purchases (e.g. when buying a battery-operated device/toy, recommend the related batteries).
  • Showcase frequented categories – Feature categories that contain products they’ve purchased from before. Perhaps after they’ve made 3 separate purchases from it.
  • Customers also purchase – Suggest products that customers have purchased alongside or after a product this customer purchases.

Consider leveraging what they view:

  • Top sellers – If some of the best-selling items had been previously viewed by the customer, maybe move those items to the front of the list for social reinforcement.
  • Treat yourself – Highlight products they’ve viewed more than once but haven’t purchased yet. If you have a wishlist feature, leverage that too.
  • Pick up where you left off – Show categories that the customer frequently visits, viewed a number of products from, or last visited.

Tailor by UTM parameters

Consider tracking which marketing efforts your visitors saw before arriving on your website with UTM parameters and leveraging the same imagery, keywords, phrases, and special offers from the ad to compel visitors to drive engagement.

Unique UTM parameters attached to a given campaign can let you know:

  • What specific campaign the visitor encountered
  • What offer or product was presented
  • What the creative/messaging was
  • What the target audience was

Components of that campaign you might reuse on the homepage:

  • Hero image
  • Phrasing and keywords
  • Tone, intent, special offer

In this example, a Facebook video ad features former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov promoting a class on how to play chess. Clicking the ad opens the website to an image of Garry showcasing the chess class and the 50% off promo.

Personalize Your Homepage

This is a much cleaner, tailored experience that focuses on my interest in chess, rather than the generic homepage that doesn’t even include the chess class.

Showcase Relevant Content to Users

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