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Remember Custom Filters and Sort Options

Jun 14, 2021

One way to personalize your customers’ experience is to remember how they sort and filter on your category and search pages. Consider whether or not your products have attributes that would be valuable to your customers to resurface.

What you decide to remember depends on what options you have and how it relates to your products. If a customer sorts by price, for instance, they’re probably price conscientious. Remembering this setting for them will save them time and surface the products they’re more likely to buy.

Examples you might consider remembering include:

  • Sorting by price or a selected price range
  • Sorting by customer rating or best sellers
  • Filtering by a specific brand
  • Filtering by an attribute (e.g. color, shoe size, model of phone they have, etc.)
Example: Amazon, car parts

Amazon has a number of product categories that will remember specific important filtering decisions you’ve made so that it can more easily surface relevant products to you. One of these examples is car-related products.

After you initially filter by a specific car model, Amazon will remember this for you. Since most people don’t upgrade their cars every other month, you’re more likely to want to purchase additional products for this specific car in the future.

Example: Stacy Adams, category page for shoes

When buying shoes, something that doesn’t often change but is vitally important is your shoe size and width.

Here, these filtering options are prominently displayed on the category pages and your selection is remembered so that you don’t have to reselect these options as you continue to browse today and in the future.

Customers can always change the size if they’d like to buy a gift for a friend or if their shoe size changes.

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