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Tailored case studies and social proof

Apr 28, 2021

Generally, case studies and social proof can help give prospects an inside look into how effective your solution can be for them as well as build trust or provide a sense of validation. Take it to the next level by tailoring the content to speak directly to a given prospect’s situation.

Speak to the prospect’s pain points

One very effective way to grab the prospect’s attention is to speak directly to the challenges that they’re currently facing. Often a prospect is on the lookout for an alternative to their current solution because they have pain points with it.

Consider showcasing common pain points, it might be music to the prospect’s ears.

  • Use what you have: See if your existing customer success stories highlight any pain points with a competitor, where your solution helps overcome it.
  • Ask your customers: If you don’t have existing examples of competitor pain points, ask your customers if there were any that you can use to build new case studies.

Sample scenario: Your site offers CRM software

Your existing customers explain that Competitor-A’s CRM software has challenges integrating with a popular knowledge base solution and they’re thrilled that your solution offers easy integration and support.

  • You prepare case studies that speak to how well your product integrates with that knowledge base solution, with testimonials of customers who have switched from Competitor-A’s CRM solution.
  • If a prospect is identified as using Competitor-A’s CRM, Intellimize can surface the new content you prepared.

Speaking to the prospect’s immediate pain points might resonate with exactly why they’re looking into alternative CRM solutions, pushing them to convert.

Surface content based on the prospect’s competitors

Imagine investigating a solution and seeing that several of your competitors are already using that solution. You’d instantly know that the solution is probably a good fit for you.

Consider using a deanonymization service or info you’ve learned to identify some of the prospect’s competitors who are also your customers. Intellimize can swap out case studies and social proof to showcase some of the prospect’s competitors that are already using your solution. In many cases, prospects are more likely to engage:

  • It’s an effective way to gain validation that it’s the right solution
  • Washes away some of the prospect’s mystery and doubt
  • Gets the prospect’s competitive juices flowing

Surface content based on your company’s competitors

If you have one or more competitors that offer popular solutions that your existing customers have also used in the past, you can leverage that. Build out case studies and social proof that speaks to how your customers have adopted your solution and all found similar benefits, advantages, growth, profit, etc. over the competitor’s solution.

Part of your data collecting can include asking what solutions the prospect currently uses. Then, you can have Intellimize swap in relevant case studies and social proof to match the prospect’s current situation, showcasing how your customers have found great success after switching.

Example: Drift

Drift highlights customers who saw improvements after switching from Intercom:

Refine your content based on your audience

When you know a prospect’s industry, role, or interests, you can refine which case studies and social proofs are presented based on that criteria. This helps you tailor the page to feel more like a personalized landing page to the prospect, where only relevant content is shown.

To illustrate, if a prospect is in the healthcare industry:

  • Showcase just healthcare case studies and social proofs
  • If a few of your industries are related, perhaps show those as well (e.g. insurance)
  • Hide the case studies and social proof that would be irrelevant to a healthcare professional (e.g. plumbing industry)

Example: Intellimize

One audience that could be considered is whether a prospect is B2B or ecommerce. Rather than surface both options to a prospect, the page can have tailored social proof that speaks to each known audience.

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