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“Winner take all” testing vs. personalization

Apr 21, 2020

When you’re optimizing websites, it’s important for marketers to understand the different approaches you can take in an effort to drive more revenue and conversions. You can use data to continually improve the experiences that you’re showing on your website.

There are generally two ways you can do this: following a “winner take all” approach, or personalizing (either by segment or individual). Here’s a breakdown of each approach:

Fork in the road: “Winner take all” vs. personalization

Winner take all

This is essentially picking just one experience to show on your website. This is useful when it’s important to have only one experience. For example, you might have one onboarding flow with a specific type of technology vs. another on your website that you want to direct visitors to.


  • Personalizing by segment: You might want to treat your customer segments differently on your websites. For example, you might want to send enterprise prospects to a website experience optimized for a chat with your sales team compared to lower-value prospects that you want to direct to a self-serve website experience.
  • Personalizing by individual: You take this approach a step further and tune the website experience for each individual website user — this is where machine learning personalization tools like Intellimize are quite helpful.

Because individuals behave differently on your website, we believe it’s important to not treat everyone the same. Perhaps even more importantly, people’s behaviors don’t stay the same on your website over time. Having the ability to tune your website to individual customers in the moment is a key advantage for marketers looking to grow revenue and conversions. Watch the video above to find out more about why we recommend personalization as a key driving force for website optimization.

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