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How Drift doubled its homepage conversion rate via personalization

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February 19, 2019

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Sara Pion

Webinar: Drift improved conversion rates by 265% on its homepage by personalizing its onboarding experience using lead scoring data.

Drift is the leading conversational marketing platform that is changing the way companies interact and communicate with their prospects and customers. The growth team at Drift has more than doubled conversion rates on its homepage generating more meetings and account sign ups.

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As part of its commitment to its customers’ experience, Drift uses Intellimize to personalize its onboarding experience for each prospective customer based on a lead score from MadKudu. Drift has created content and tools to enable prospects with lower lead scores to onboard themselves efficiently and quickly. This allows the company to focus its sales team’s time on prospects with the highest lead scores. In this webinar, Sara Pion, Growth Marketing Specialist for Drift, describes their approach with examples, results, and lessons learned.

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