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Web Conversion Tactics That Work Right Now

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Webinar: Web Conversion Tactics That Work Right Now

In this interactive webinar, our all-star panel of marketing & conversion rate optimization experts talk web optimization strategy, share 11 winning web conversion examples to inspire you, and provide on-the-fly feedback on two audience members' landing pages.

Moving forward with a personalization plan can sometimes leave marketers wondering: Where should I begin when optimizing my website?

In this video, Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif will walk through several steps to help marketers determine how to prioritize what they personalize on their website, and discuss strategies around where they should focus their efforts.

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Webinar Details

Throughout the video, you can learn about about:

  • Creating a website optimization plan around the metrics that move your business
  • Places in the funnel that affect those metrics that have big dropoffs with engagement, and how to put your energy toward those places
  • Determining where your prospects and customers are in their lifecycle with you in the moment so that you can meet them where they are
  • Figuring out what you want to optimize for between speed of iteration vs. conversion
  • Optimizing for metrics that are measurable today
  • Optimizing for behaviors that are close to the tests you’re running

To learn more about how Intellimize can help your marketing team with website optimization efforts, simply click on the “Request Demo” button on our website.

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