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3 DTC Website Headline Experiments

It takes less than a second for visitors to form an opinion about your direct-to-consumer (DTC) website.

With such a limited amount of time to grab consumers’ attention, you’ll need a homepage headline that entices prospective buyers to stay on your site. Whether your DTC company has a strong brand voice or is still finding a foothold in the market, you’ll need to test tons of headline variations to see what resonates most with your visitors.

But, let’s face it, with so many eyes focused on your DTC homepage, switching up your headline can be nerve-wracking! That’s why we’ve compiled three headline experimentation ideas for you to try out. Paired with screenshots from real DTC sites, these experimentation ideas will give you the inspiration and confidence you need to change up your DTC homepage headline.

Plain Language DTC Website Headlines

Did you know that the American Marketing Association (AMA) recommends keeping your website copy at about an 8th-grade reading level? That’s right, because most online shoppers tend to quickly scan website copy, it’s best to keep your messaging in plain language. One place to test the AMA’s recommendation is in your homepage headline. 

Consider testing out a version of your homepage headline that omits any jargon or flowery language. Although it can be tempting to lean heavily on industry-specific language, puns, or idioms, these rhetorical devices could actually be bringing down your conversion rate.

Below, using plain language educational toy brand, Lovevery communicates to visitors what the brand is all about. Even with a glance at the brand’s homepage, a visitor can see that Lovevery’s toys are science-backed.

DTC website headline

Interested in trying out this DTC headline strategy? Check out four more examples from real brands in our post, 5 Plain Language Website Headlines Examples for Ecommerce.

Second-person DTC Website Headlines

Using second-person pronouns like you, your, yours, yourself, and yourselves can be a great way to engage with visitors on your website.

Speaking directly to visitors can help establish a personable customer experience (CX) and encourage them to convert. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many DTC brands leverage the second-person point of view in their homepage headlines to grab consumers’ attention.

Beauty box subscription service, Birchbox, leverages the second person in its bold homepage headline. In using the second person, the brand suggests that those visiting the site are choosy and want the best, which in this case is Birchbox.

DTC website headline

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Social Proof-driven DTC Website Headlines

Social proof is a critical part of any high-converting DTC website. But, your ecommerce brand’s social proof shouldn’t stop at reviews and user-generated content (UGC)! To get the most out of your social proof library you should consider infusing key copy on your site like headlines with compelling facts and figures.

In the below screenshot DTC razor brand, Billie, introduces visitors to its main product offering with a social proof driven headline. By touting that the brand’s affordable razor has gone viral, Billie lets site visitors know that should they choose to purchase, they'll be making a very popular decision.

DTC website headline

Interested in incorporating social proof-driven copy into other site elements? Get experimentation ideas from our blog post, 5 Social Proof-driven Copy Examples for Ecommerce Websites.

We hope these three experimentation ideas give you the inspiration you need to start testing out new headline variations on your DTC website.

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