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ABM Marketers Can Now Target Prospects with Personalized Content Using Salesforce Data

We’re excited to announce the latest release of our turnkey Salesforce integration with Enhanced Match to deanonymize visitors from key accounts. It's never been easier to drive pipeline with the targeted accounts you care about the most!

ABM can be one of the most complex programs for any marketer to set up and run. It’s also a long game strategy so getting set up quickly is key. This release packs quite a punch to make it faster and easier to build personalized ABM campaigns. Target inbound visitors from key accounts with personalized experiences and arm your sales team with targeted landing pages for their outbound programs.

By connecting your Salesforce data with Intellimize, you can build custom audiences in minutes based on account, contact, lead or opportunity attributes.

  • Show content to visitors from target accounts based on deal stage, company, and more
  • Personalize 1:1 outbound campaigns for every target prospect
  • Uncover anonymous website visitors from target accounts to personalize every page

When you team this up with our AI, this provides you with the ability to target 1:1 personalized ABM landing pages for every target prospect, wherever they are on their path to purchase.

Target buyers with specific attributes, such as:

  • All prospects in a specific opportunity stage
  • All contacts in a specific job function, or with specific titles
  • All leads in a specific stage in your funnel (awareness, consideration, evaluation, etc.)
  • All accounts that are in a specific vertical or industry
  • And any other attribute important to you that is in your Salesforce database

Deanonymize visitors from target accounts 

This release also gives you the ability to deanonymize visitors from inbound campaigns using our Enhanced Match, even if you don’t currently subscribe to a firmographic source. This means you can create more relevant first page personalized experiences than ever before to help drive key account conversions.

Arm your BDR/SDRs with targeted outbound links

Now you can keep consistent experiences across every ABM touchpoint by arming your sales team with targeted personalized landing page links. Our AI will personalize your landing pages to show the right content to each target prospect so you don’t have to build a ton of landing pages.

Become a Marketing Badass

Combine your Salesforce data with our behavioral targeting capabilities to deliver a seamless personalized experience that takes into account how key account visitors interact with your site. Such as, tailoring content to drive conversions for a Tier 1 buyer in the consideration stage who has visited your website twice in the past week. This is ABM badassery at its best.

Plus, if you're a Rollworks, 6sense, and/or Demandbase customer, you can also leverage the data collected in those tools to further personalize your website experience!

Are you ready to use Intellimize as your single source for effortless AI-powered ABM? Speak to an Intellimize expert to see it live!

Already a customer? Connect your Salesforce now!