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AI Use Cases for CMOs

These days it’s nearly impossible to scroll through your LinkedIn feed or scan a marketing publication without seeing a mention of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the influx of new AI-driven tools that have hit the market in recent years, it’s no surprise that AI has become a point of focus for many marketers in 2023. But even with its rising popularity, it can still be challenging to identify tactical use cases for AI in the world of marketing.

To help you determine where AI can make the biggest impact in your marketing strategy we’ve put together a list of just a few AI use cases for CMOs. To see the full list of AI use cases for CMOs, be sure to check out AI for CMOs: The Real-World Blueprint for AI-Powered Digital Transformation, our guide written in partnership with the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.

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Content Marketing

From blog posts to video scripts, to customer stories— no matter what type of content your team is working on, there’s a good chance AI can help. Not only can AI understand natural language in written, video, and audio form but it can also produce images, video, and copy.

Tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, or even Intellimize’s own AI Content Studio are all great places to start when it comes to creating new content to support your brand’s goals. 

Here are some of the AI use cases within content marketing:

  • Tailor content to match user intent
  • Customize content recommendations for individual website visitors
  • Develop content schedules and strategic plans through research and analysis

Customer Experience

Executing an outstanding customer experience (CX) in today's competitive landscape is impossible without AI. Consumers expect seamless, continuous interactions with brands, and achieving this is difficult without technology that can deliver personalization at scale.

With the power of AI-driven personalization, brands now can customize messaging, services, and promotions for every individual who engages with them. 

Here are some AI use cases to achieve an exceptional CX:

  • Respond to inquiries, gather feedback, and provide intelligent search capabilities for customers
  • Tailor messaging and promotions to individual customers with AI-driven optimization to boost conversion rates
  • Consolidate customer data to create more comprehensive behavioral profiles

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms rely on AI to curate content that aligns with your interests, but brands also employ AI to craft engaging content to boost engagement.

Here are AI use cases for social media marketing:

  • Automatically generate social posts and advertisements
  • Detect your brand's logos and visuals in user-generated content (UGC)
  • Handle mentions, comments, and interactions more effectively

Content, CX, and social media are just three of the marketing practices for which there are tons of AI use cases. To get a full picture of all of the ways you and your team can apply AI to your marketing strategy download AI for CMOs: The Real-World Blueprint for AI-Powered Digital Transformation now!

AI for CMOs: The Real-World Blueprint for AI-Powered Digital Transformation