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B2B Website Optimization Tips from Code42

Building a website experience that converts time after time is no easy feat, especially when you need to build your conversion rate optimization (CRO) function from the ground up to start testing. Few know this exact marketing problem better than the duo behind Code42’s website— Sarah Bartlett and Sarah Good. That’s why we asked them to present on this very topic at Convertapalooza 2023! During “Making Your Website More Than a One-Hit Wonder with AI”, the two explained how they got started with website testing, how they grew their AI-driven optimization program, and how to rewind and repeat their success.

To give you a sneak peek of the 20-minute session, we’ve pulled out just three of the B2B website optimization tips the Code42 team covered.

Keep reading to learn about three of Code42’s B2B website optimization tips, or watch Code42’s full Beatles-themed presentation now!

Invest in AI-Driven Optimization

If you’re trying to build your experimentation program with a small team, think about investing in AI-driven optimization. That’s exactly what the Code42 team did and as a result, they saw a positive impact on conversion rates— a 15% conversion rate increase on both their “contact sales” and “free trial” forms!

Not only did AI-driven personalization enable Code42 to scale their website optimization program with a small team, but they also found that it complemented the rest of their AI-driven marketing stack well. If you have a small and forward-thinking team, AI optimization should be a no-brainer!

Start by Running Tests on High-Traffic Pages

Once you have your AI-driven optimization tool in place, start by testing high-traffic pages.  By running experiments on pages that get a lot of eyes on them, you’ll be able to glean insights quickly and collect as much data as possible. 

Code42 began their AI-driven optimization journey by testing high-level messaging on their homepage— within six months they had 76 variations of the page running! In doing so they were able to swiftly gather data that they could then apply to other parts of their site.

Think about Trends Instead of Winners

When leveraging AI-driven optimization, it’s important to move away from just identifying winning variations and instead think about trends. Unlike traditional A/B testing, AI-driven optimization will show each website visitor the version of your website that’s most likely to get them to convert. Because of this, there may be a different “winner” for different visitors. 

Whether or not you decide to pause a variation is of course at your discretion, but keep in mind that consumer behavior changes from day to day so last week’s underperforming variation may be this week’s star.

Ready to hear the rest of Code42’s B2B website optimization tips? Watch “Making Your Website More Than a One-Hit Wonder with AI” now!

Making Your Website More Than a One-Hit Wonder with AI