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Filling the Gaps of Your ABM Program

Although account based marketing (ABM) has become more and more ubiquitous over the last several years, executing the marketing strategy hasn’t gotten much easier. From unsophisticated reporting tools to the tedious task of creating personalized landing pages, there’s no shortage of challenges associated with ABM. But, when executed correctly ABM has the power to shorten the length of sales cycles, increase average deal size, and bolster your bottom line.

This presents a tradeoff for marketers—to compete in the world of B2B you’ll need to implement an ABM strategy, but to execute ABM you’ll need to sacrifice extra time and budget…until now!

To help you build your ABM strategy from the ground up or simply plug the holes of your existing program, we’ve put together an actionable new guide called: Fill in the Blanks of Your ABM Program. Playing off a quirky Mad Libs motif, this eBook covers ABM best practices and emerging trends. Additionally, the eBook covers how to fill these common ABM program gaps:

  • Technology
  • Landing pages
  • Personalization scope 
  • Reporting

The guide also covers two success stories from Drift and Coupa, two brands that have implemented the tips covered in the guide and seen great success with their respective ABM programs. From AI optimization to powerful integrations, these brands have the technology they need in place to make ABM easy.

If you’re ready to make frustrating and costly ABM challenges a thing of the past, be sure to download Fill in the Blanks of Your ABM Program. Whether you’re executing on a one-to-many, one-to-few, or one-to-one level, this guide will help you avoid the common ABM pitfalls that are costing your team time and money. Plus, with its spotlight on AI this ebook will keep you on the cutting edge of what’s happening in B2B marketing and beyond.

With Fill in the Blanks of Your ABM Program, you'll have everything you need to create a successful ABM strategy that drives growth and builds meaningful relationships with your ideal customers. Download it now and get started!

Fill in the Blanks of Your ABM Progam